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Lin Bentley Keeling

Welcome to my Artizan Made Market Shop!

Have fun exploring the world of color with me through my work!

I create unique, abstract coiled and sculptural vessels inspired by music and the natural world. Each of my pieces is an experimental exploration of the interactions of color and the melodies and counterpoint of different design elements. Working in the fiber medium brings unique challenges as I adapt the design of a piece to the continually curving surface of the vessel’s form and the effects of light reflected from different yarns and fibers creates an additional dimension to each piece, which changes as the light source changes. Blending colors is a hallmark of my work, not just in the designs of my pieces but within the color areas of each piece. I often use variegated knitting yarns in my pieces which I find are endlessly inspirational.

If you don’t see something you’d like from my current inventory, I would be happy to discuss creating a unique and original piece just for you. Just send me an email with some ideas of what you would like!

Free Shipping within the USA! Outside the US? Send me an email and I will give you shipping quote.