Start your day with a handmade mug!

Start your day with a handmade mug!
06/25/2018 Rachel
handmade mugs

Most of us start out our days with a hot cup of coffee or tea. At least I do! I have two cups of strong coffee with milk, Brazilian style, every morning. I’m probably an addict because if I don’t get them, boo hoo!

The caffeine kick is probably partially psychological as the experience has a lot to do with the cup I use. I have my favorites based on size, how it feels in the hand, how the lip is shaped, and basic aesthetics. I like my coffee and tea in light colored cups or mugs while some people prefer dark ones. Whatever the individual preference, the point I’d like to make here is that if you drink hot fluids, your handmade mug can make a difference! How?

  1. Empathy: Knowing that your cup was actually made by somebody who shaped and decorated it has definite smile value. Aaaahhhhh……..
  2. Patron: Whenever you buy handmade, you become a patron of the arts. Your morning buzz comes with a sense of pride. Yes!
  3. Individuality: Each handmade mug, even if you bought a set of similar ones, will be the only mug in the whole world just like it. Of course, if you dig into the molecular level, everything is different. But, on a visual one, handmade mugs will have slight variations. A mug-a-nality!


Botanic2Ceramic Frog Mugs

Botanic2Ceramic Frog Mugs



Reduce Office Waste

Handmade mugs are a great way to reduce waste in offices or other work places. If an employee becomes attached to a mug, think of all the Styrofoam or paper cups that will be saved. No purchasing or disposal costs! Installing a dishwasher or encouraging staff to wash their own mugs saves a ton of money! Sure, a handmade mug will cost a lot more than a commercial one or a disposable one at the onset, but if you make the right match, person to mug, it will be a life-long (job-long) love affair! Kaching! Money saved!

The Japanese Say….

“If it’s too hot for your hands, it’s too hot for your mouth.” 

Meaning, a mug or cup without handles keeps you from burning your insides. When it’s comfortable to hold and warm your hands, go ahead and drink!


Artizan Made Mugs

We have a great variety to entice you, from floral to rugged. One of them just has to grab you!  Click on the images to visit available mugs:



Cheryl Wolff handmade ceramic mugs

Cheryl Wolff’s lines are clean and stylish. Her mugs invite warmth.





Clay Lick Creek Pottery Ceramic Coffee Mug Tabby Cat Brown Grey and Black

Clay Lick Creek Pottery Ceramic Coffee Mug Tabby Cat Brown Grey and Black




Majoleeka Majolica Bee Mugs

Majoleeka Majolica Bee Mugs


Sarah Bak Pottery Cherry blossoms mug

Sarah Bak Pottery Cherry blossoms mug


Pamdesign - Day of the Dead Skull Mug

Pamdesign – Day of the Dead Skull Mug




Explore the shops above and remember that each handmade mug or cup is one of a kind. Here today, gone tomorrow. Hopefully, they will have gone to happy hands that needed some warming…


Oh! And do YOU have a favorite handmade mug? Tell us about it in the comments! We would love to hear about what makes it special to you!

Mugs from our Market:

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  1. Sandy Kreyer 5 years ago

    Beautiful selection of cups Rachel. Thank you for sharing all of these lovely creations.

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