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  • HEraMade Mandala crochet vest, Sun lace
    HEraMade crochet bolero vest

    HEraMade Hungarian Lace Crochet Top

    Hungarian artist, Era Hódi, enjoys creating home decor textiles and boho fashion wear using different techniques. The lace crochet top line is feminine and versatile. Visit her shop on Etsy for more crocheted garments and accessories and other works.
  • $55.00

    World Map thread art necklace

    Silver and gold metallic threads, stitched on my domestic sewing machine, create a world map using an authentic cartographic projection.
    $55.00 Sold By Doughty Designs
  • $105.00

    Pelican Necklace

    A flock of three pelicans glide on a silver chain necklace. The pelicans are "drawn" by machine-stitching a variety of cotton threads.
    $105.00 Sold By Doughty Designs