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Uzbekistan Fargan Valley Silk embroidery Suzani from Turkish Folk Art

Turkish Folk Art is your source and best place to shop for modern, vintage and antique textiles, rugs, tribal kilims, metal art, ethnic jewelry, objects of wood, traditional costumes and beaded silk tassels from Central Asia, Persia, Anatolia, the Caucasus and the greater Middle East, independently of whom you are – Textile art lovers, Collectors, Designers, Decorators or Curators!

With a great passion and a spirit of adventure, inspired by infinite richness of designs, motifs, intricacy of knots, elegance of patterns, rhythms, vibrancy of colors, forms and textures that any artwork reflects, I plunged in textile business over 30 years ago bit by bit accumulating knowledge in “this mysterious world full of treasures”, which doesn’t stop to amaze me up to the present day. I have traveled extensively along the Silk Road communicating with local artisans and tribal craftsmen, soaking up their culture and customs, learning processes of dyeing, exploring their techniques of weavings, and much more. With enormous deference I always look at any work of art, knowing how much patience, commitment to traditions, creativity, imagination, skill, tenacious work of the master who made it stands behind. It is very captivating to disclose what the hidden meanings artworks carry as each had a useful function in the life of the maker, whether covering floors or walls, or decorating favored animals, or used as a household item.


Turkish – Central Anatolian all wool village rug from Turkish Folk Art

Turkish – Central Anatolian all wool village rug.

I never cannot stop buying or passing by indifferent seeing textiles, weaving tools, ceramics, jewelry, tassels, metalwork created by tribal people, they are like the gateways to a deeper appreciation of the fabric everyday life. Unfortunately, with the rapid development of modern civilization the nomad life as well as some earlier known occupations are vanishing. I believe by purchasing these wonderful objects of art we support tribal artisans to survive and even improve their skills and talents.


Turkish – Central Anatolian all wool village rug from Turkish Folk Art

Turkish – Central Anatolian all wool village rug.


It is with great pleasure that I share with you my wide collection of items I have collected in the last 30 years which I sell here and on my website – www.turkishfolkart.com. From antique to vintage, modern to contemporary, ethic to tribal, minimalist to sophisticated, vibrant to subdued, unique to traditional – you’ll surely find something matching your taste and preferences.
Wishing you pleasant shopping at Turkish Folk Art either online or in person!

– Vedat Karadag


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