Shuttle Works Studio

Shuttle Works Studio woven-shibori-circle-scarves
Janice Zindel, Shuttle Works Studio

Janice Zindel, Shuttle Works Studio

Wisconsin weaver and fiber artist, Janice Zindel of Shuttle Works Studio, has been weaving for 34 years. Two particular interests are woven shibori dyed with indigo, and Scandinavian style textiles. Natural fibers are used in all her work – cotton, cottolin, linen, wool, and silk.

Janice uses a woven shibori technique where she weaves first and then dyes with indigo. Typically, 14-16 yard warps of fine threads are beamed onto the loom which are then threaded to a chosen threading and tie-up. Several ideas are explored on each warp to create unique, one-of-a-kind works which are then removed from the loom, and dyed with indigo. All aspects of her works are done by hand, from making the warps, dressing the loom, weaving, dyeing, and finishing.

Janice also enjoys creating functional works for the home with Scandinavian weave structures, woven in traditional or contemporary style.

Artist Statement

As a handweaver, my goal is to convey a sense of simplicity and elegance in my work. Using natural fibers, each warp is an opportunity to explore the elements of color, design, structure, texture, and technique, from simple to complex.


Shuttle Works Studio

Shuttle Works Studio


Shuttle Works Studio Indigo Handwoven Shibori Screen

Shuttle Works Studio Indigo Handwoven Shibori Screen



Shuttle Works Studio shibori indigo handwoven scarf - dragonflies

Shuttle Works Studio shibori indigo handwoven scarf – dragonflies


Janice was featured on NewsWatch 12, with a video clip of her at work:

CONOVER – Jan Zindel spends her days weaving in her cabin near Conover. She’s been practicing her craft now for more than 30 years. The cabin in the woods doubles as her home and studio.

“I’ve got just the little lake out here,” said Zindel. “I’m next to some county land. It’s not like living in the city. You look out the window and there’s not other houses out there. The deer wander through the yard. The occasional bear will come up on the porch. I didn’t want to leave that yet, so I’ve stayed.”

Zindel gets her inspiration from books and other weavers, but a lot of her work stems from her Norwegian heritage.

“I got to Norway,” she says. “I have always wanted to go back and I haven’t, but it made such an impression on me, and I have such good memories of my Norwegian grandmother. So that triggers a lot of the interest in things Scandinavian.”

For Jan, it’s learning new things that keeps her interested in the fiber arts.

“It’s amazing what you learn or pick up in one area spills over into something else. I have ideas for things that I don’t even know if it’s possible to do them together. So I’ll learn more about this and I will try it.


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  1. ColorCreek 2 years ago

    This is wonderfully beautiful work Janice. I’m in awe of your studio and all that comes out of it. So glad you are with Artizan and I hope that it proves successful for you.

  2. janicezindel 2 years ago

    Thank you, ColorCreek! I’m looking forward to this new-to-me online venue.

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