Rose Hughes – Quilt Artist

Rose Hughes - Paducah, Kentucky, USA

Rose Hughes – Paducah, Kentucky, USA

After 20 years in corporate life, I jumped with both feet into my quilt life in 2003 and never looked back. I love of all things ‘fabricy’ and after coming up with fun-easy construction method I call Fast-Piece Applique™ I have been sharing this stitch friendly method of construction and embellishment magic in all my books and teaching.

Sharing my quilting passions takes me around the world, and I delight in providing entertaining and educational lectures along with a line-up of workshops cover Fast-Piece Applique™ of course, and also design, fabric painting, color and all forms of embellishments.

You may find my own ‘fabricy’ art in exhibits worldwide, but you can always find me closer to home, by clicking on the television or computer where you can find me on my blog, website, Facebook, Instagram and right here on Artizan Made.  My books are available for sale on my website, along with my quilts and supplies and you will also find my teaching schedule there.




Rose Hughes Art Quilt – Close, Closer, Closest



Rose Hughes Art Quilt - Yellow Brick Road

Rose Hughes Art Quilt – Yellow Brick Road




Rose Hughes Art Quilt – Riding the Thermals

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Comments (3)

  1. marionpmartin 2 years ago

    Your work is so beautiful!!!

  2. Amy 5 months ago

    Do you have any current works of landscapes?

  3. Orit Tabachnik 2 weeks ago

    Hi Rose
    Which sewing machine do you use ?

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