RioritaJewelry Garnet Pebbles Necklace
Irith Mashiah - Haifa, Israel

Irith Mashiah – Haifa, Israel

When I was small I lived in a small town – Tiberias – by the Sea of Galilee in Israel.  I would go down to the beach, walk along the shore and watch how the waters caressed the pebbles on the beach. The wet stones looked like shiny jewelry. I was fascinated by it. I believe that these were the first fantasies I had about jewelry making, my inspiration for RioritaJewelry …

Later, I moved to  the city of Haifa, by the Mediterranean where I have been living ever since. Still in love with how the waves came to and fro, creating beautiful sea glass while doing so….

I studied Jewelry Design at the Wizo Academy of Design in Haifa in the External Studies department and later at the Ort Technology Centre in Tel-Aviv, then continued privately with some of the best jewelry designers and jewelers in my country.

This is what I do – I design and hand craft artisan silver and gold jewelry items, mostly combined with gemstones. Although there may be various cultural influences on my creativity, the designs are from my own mind and I create all my handmade jewelry by myself.

I love to combine sterling silver with other metals such as gold or even brass and copper for my jewelry, integrating them with sea glass or ancient roman glass pieces. I also collect antique coins and use them in my jewelry. I often hammer the metals for my jewelry, which gives them a three dimensional look, or a sculptured effect.

Many of my items are ONE OF A KIND jewelry pieces, although sometimes I will make small runs of similar pieces. With these, I re-use the images so the photo may be slightly different, but it will be very similar.  Each of them has been handcrafted individually by me.


RioritaJewelry Roman Glass Necklace

RioritaJewelry Roman Glass Necklace



RioritaJewelry Hammered antiquity inspired earrings

RioritaJewelry Hammered antiquity inspired earrings



RioritaJewelry Necklace and Earrings, Israli silversmith

RioritaJewelry Necklace and Earrings, Israli silversmith



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  1. Irith Mashiah 3 years ago

    Thank you for posting these photographs of my jewelry . You will find many more jewelry items in my etsy shop. Thank you for looking!

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