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Marie's Glass Works tray red with white stripes

Making glass is so exciting! It’s what I am passionate about!

I started out making stained glass panels several years ago and soon learned that glass fusing was available to glass artists with the advent of home sized glass kilns. I quickly moved into fusing glass and have found it is much more forgiving than stained glass.


Marie's Glass Works tray blue with textured service

People who purchase my products enjoy its brilliant colors, transparency and of course, its functionality! Most of my pieces are bowls, plates and platters. My intention for making each piece is to be useful for around the home or office. I have had a lot of success in selling my glass art and love the process! My glass makes an excellent gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new home or any special occasion. I accept commission work and have done quite a few items recently including several complete sets of table settings and special home decor. Most times people will see my work and decide they want a different size or color. Working with clients is enjoyable since my creativity adds to the process!

Originally, I took a beginner’s class in glass fusing at our local Arts Center. I purchased some books on techniques and quickly began making beautiful pieces! The glass is made in the USA at select manufacturers and I use system 96 glass exclusively, which is made for the melting and fusing process.
The process is rather simple. First a pattern and final shape are chosen (bowl, plate or other). The glass is cut and pieced together. Next the pieces go in the kiln and are fired to 1200-1600 degrees. This process makes the pieces ‘fuse’ together to make one solid piece. When cooled to room temperature, the next step is called ‘cold working’. This is the process of grinding the edges or other work on the piece is completed prior to the final firing. The piece is then situated over the ceramic mold and again heated to high temperatures. This process shapes the glass into the plate, platter or whatever the end result is to be!


Marie's Glass Works tray blue with textured service

I’m connected to the GoggleWorks Art Center in Reading, PA, near my home. The Goggleworks offers local artists the ability to connect and use their facility to pursue their artistic talents. They have four large glass kilns and many commercial sized equipment for use by the students.

Here is a photo of the kiln and the work space I often use at the Goggleworks.


Goggleworks kiln

Goggleworks kiln



Goggleworks work space

Goggleworks work space


I sell my artwork on the internet via Facebook or my webpage. I also select art shows to exhibit and sell at each year.

Having recently retired, I am able to follow my passion of working with glass full time. I am married for 40 years to my loving husband Andrew and live near Reading Pennsylvania in the United States. We have two children, one daughter living in Beaver, PA and one son in Chapel Hill, NC.

I am working on enhancing the techniques I use in glass fusing. So excited to see many products on the market that provide additional capabilities!


Marie's Glass Works fused tray blue


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