Fairly Worn

Fairlyworn Hmong vintage fabric tote bag
Valerie Ley Alter of Fairlyworn.

Valerie Ley Alter of Fairlyworn, Switzerland.


Fairly Worn draws its inspiration from ethnic vintage textiles and turns those, together with other upcycled or fairly produced materials into colourful, exotic and one-of-a-kind handbags and home accessories.

Equipped with some sewing skills from elementary school and an obsession for exotic textiles, I set out to create my own unique and handmade accessories a few years ago. I collect ethnic textiles when traveling and turn them into bags, cushions and sometimes clothes. The fabrics I use are often hard to come by, but the hunt itself is part of the creative process! With three kids to raise, I am often limited in time, but as they grow, my opportunities to create new things will do so, too, I hope.

I have a shop on Etsy and a website, Fairly Worn, which features primarily the vintage kantha quilts.


Fairlyworn vintage Hmong tribal fabric pillows

Fairly Worn vintage Hmong tribal fabric pillows



Fairlyworn kantha pillow purple, pink and grey

Fairly Worn kantha pillow



Fairlyworn tote bag with vintage tribal weaving, red and orange stripes

Fairly Worn tote bag with vintage tribal weaving

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