Culturalpatina Gallery

Dennis Brining of Cultural Patina - Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA

Dennis Brining of Culturalpatina Gallery – Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA


Dennis has had a passion for collecting all things beautiful and unique his entire life and would like to share some of these items with others having a similar interest through his Culturalpatina Gallery. The gallery has representative items from the American Southwest, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, and Nagaland in North Eastern India.

Dennis strives to offer the best items that he has collected or can find for sale to both the casual and/or discriminating collector of unique cultural items from each of these areas of the world. He also tries to focus on vintage, prehistoric, and historic items if he can find them. His primary interest is in pottery, textiles/weavings, western art, bronze sculptures, and extraordinary pieces of adornment. The gallery currently has the work of over 40 artists in these areas of interest.

Culturalpatina Gallery has the largest collection of Ron Stewart art in the world, and represents Ron on the East Coast. Here you will find some of his earliest paintings to some of his most recent ones that have not been shown in public. For those of you who like Ron Stewart and his western art, you might be interested in viewing a recently completed video biography of Ron’s life. Watch it on this page, below the images to the right.

Culturalpatina Gallery also has the second largest collection of authentic Naga Indian Art in the US. It is all authentic, meaning that it was made by the Naga and used in their cultural ceremonies. The majority of the items shown were collected prior to 1982, when the Naga converted to Christianity and are museum quality.

Significant milestones for Culturalpatina Gallery:

  • Since opening in Jan of 2014 we have posted over 850 pieces of art in our Etsy shop.
  • Culturalpatina Gallery recently had nine of its products and an article on Ron Stewart and his art selected by the editorial team for inclusion in “The Old West” Antiques and Arts “Showroom” which covers high end Galleries and Dealers from across the US. We believe that this says a lot about the quality of the pieces we carry.
  • Culturalpatina Gallery was featured in “The Gallery” Antiques and Arts Weekly on 10-7-15. The article published discusses the spiritual underpinnings in two pieces of Lincoln Fox’s Bronze Sculptures.
  • Culturalpatina Gallery’s historic pottery was recently used by a top Interior design firm in NY for a Restaurant in Times Square, NY.


Culturalpatina Gallery had its official open house on Oct 18, 2015.

Humanitarian Efforts

Over the years, Dennis has been involved in humanitarian work with Lions Clubs International in VA, Africa, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world with 1.35 million members, who perform community service in 208 countries and geographic areas and share a core belief: community is what we make it.

Lion Dennis has raised more than $1,000,000 in grant monies and led major service initiatives domestically and internationally, including supporting the founding of a hospital in Kabale, Uganda – helping tens of thousands of people. A percentage of all monies made from the sale of Culturalpatina Gallery items will go to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) to help continue Lions work in these areas and others around the world.


Cultural Patina Gallery

Cultural Patina Gallery



Cultural Patina - Native American Navajo Rug, Weaving, ca 1960's

Cultural Patina – Native American Navajo Rug, Weaving, ca 1960’s



Cultural Patina Navajo Rugs

Cultural Patina Navajo Rugs

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