Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts, "Playing with Crayons"
Cindy Grisdela

Cindy Grisdela in her studio.

Inspiration for my designs comes from keen observation of my surroundings, from the pebbles on the path, to the currents in water, to the colors of a meadow. Using improvisational techniques, I create abstract designs that provide a vibrant ground for rich texture added with quilting stitches using a variety of motifs. I design primarily with solid colors so that the color and line of each composition is the main focus. All of my work is designed organically without a preconceived pattern and the textural lines are added freehand, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike. All of the stitching is done on the sewing machine, but it is entirely hand driven. There’s no computer program or marking, just drawing with my needle and thread.

I create wall art and functional items perfect for gifts, or maybe just something special for yourself. In my Etsy shop, you’ll find wall quilts in a variety of sizes, plus colorful pillows, coasters and table runners for the home. Contact me if you would like to commission a special piece.
-Cindy Grisdela


Promenade - Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

“Promenade” by Cindy Grisdela – private collection



Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts in situ

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts in situ



Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts - Calypso

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts – Calypso

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