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Barbetta Lockart at Itsa Studio - Sacramento, California, USA

Barbetta Lockart at ITSA Studio – Sacramento, California, USA


Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art is my reality as a contemporary fine artist. My working studio is located within ITSA Studio…they share a symbiotic relationship! It is difficult to separate the two, as each informs the other in numerous ways, but here goes:

ITSA Studio: Years ago, when I was in graduate school, I started making earrings for myself since I couldn’t afford to buy any. Other students seemed to like them, and I had a little sideline making and selling beaded jewelry to other students and at fairs. After grad school I continued to create jewelry and became enthralled with the larger bead world, eventually having accounts at various shops in New Mexico and California. That was the beginning of ITSA Studio, although it would not be named until many years later.

When I moved back to California I opened a bead and art shop and indulged in my love of beads, cultural treasures from around the globe, and fine art. When I eventually closed the shop to get into my own studio space, ITSA Studio was officially born and given a name, but the bead shop continued within that space, carrying beads, world market items and textiles, art supplies (especially surface design supplies), and whatever I found that was interesting.

ITSA Studio continues today, but not in a traditional retail setting. I have all sorts of beads available from seed beads to bugle beads, Czech glass, artisan glass, metal and natural beads (shell, bone etc.), ethnic beads and jewelry, foils and glues for surface design work and much, much more. I also teach classes in my studio as well as at other venues off site. ITSA Studio is also found online at its website, on Facebook, Instagram and on Etsy.


Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art - Itsa Studio African and Tribal beads

African and Tribal beads


Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art: Is the alter ego of ITSA Studio. I create fine art for gallery shows and for studio sales. I paint, sculpt, assemble and construct. I felt, dye, rip, tear and shred and glue. I paint and stamp and sew. I enjoy using found objects, used objects and junk…I like to give old things new life and new respect, but will also use new items as well. The studio is sort of a creative free for all!

Social and political themes are often a part of my work, but not exclusively; silliness also creeps in. My work is my communicative response to things in the world that impress me, impact me, amuse me and often confound me; it is the product of a very busy mind.

My fine art pieces can be seen in galleries when I have shows, or in my studio by appointment (usually best to make sure I am around and available). Online, my work can be found on my portfolio site, Facebook, Instagram and Artwork Archive. Cleverly, as the art studio is inside ITSA Studio, should you want to stop by for a visit, you can look at both artwork and beads etc., and perhaps go home with new treasures.


Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art - "And Visions of Paint Chips Danced Through Her Head"

Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art, “And Visions of Paint Chips Danced Through Her Head”


Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art ITSA_Foils

Foils and other supplies available at ITSA Studio.


Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art - "Outside"

Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art – “Outside”

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