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Artizan Made is owned and operated by me, Rachel Biel, aka Rayela Art, in Paducah, Kentucky, USA. Paducah is a small city ideally located on the Ohio River and between two to three hours from three major cities: St. Louis, Nashville and Memphis. It is a crossroads both because of the river and the freeways that cross it to connect these major urban areas. Paducah has positioned itself as a creative city anchored by the National Quilt Museum and LowerTown Arts District. It has an arts school and has been designated as an UNESCO Creative City. Known as “Quilt City, USA”, Paducah is home to many artists and art businesses and increasingly attracts tourists and new residents who enjoy living in a smaller city with plenty to offer.

In October 2018, I moved to a beautiful and unusual house located on a busy thoroughfare that is zoned both residential and commercial. Two large rooms are now home to a boutique and small gallery for members of Artizan Made’s online collective and TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List.  Products from both groups are accepted on approval for sale in the Paducah Shop at 75/25% consignment. Non-members are welcome to apply at a 50/50% commission rate.

The space is ideal for garments, accessories, jewelry and objects. There is not a lot of wall space, but there is enough for small themed shows. These are announced to the members from time to time.


Location and Hours

Artizan Made
901 North 32nd St.
Paducah, Kentucky, USA


rayela @ (remove spaces)


Open: Thursday – Saturday, 11AM-6PM and by appointment



Artizan Made Consignment Agreement

-Paducah Shop-


Version: November 15, 2018

Address: 901 North 32nd Street, Paducah, Kentucky, USA

This document refers to vendors as those who are providing products for sale on consignment at the Paducah boutique and gallery. Paducah Shop refers to the boutique and gallery.



  • All products consigned to the Paducah Shop by its vendors belong solely to the artist or business who submitted those products for sale, with two exceptions. Vendors may choose to donate their products to the shop and must provide such intention in writing. 2. A vendor moves or stops communicating and loses ownership if there has been no contact after one year of silence. The shop must show evidence of having made serious attempts to contact the vendor by email, postal letter, or phone.
  • Artizan Made is a non-exclusive agent representing the vendor. In other words, the vendor may sell anywhere in Paducah, online or in any other geographic area. Our main goal is to help our vendors reach wider markets.


Submission Process:

  • The vendor shall work with Rachel on what to send to the shop. Small test groups are encouraged until we can see how customers react to the products. Submitted products might also be listed and sold through Artizan Made’s marketplace.
  • All products sent must be accompanied by an inventory list which describes the product and its materials and includes the price needed for the vendor in US dollars. Hang tags with the vendor’s logo, web links and other info are highly encouraged. Vendors may also send business cards or post cards to hand out to customers.
  • The consignment percentage is 75/25% with 75% going to the vendor for approved members of the Artizan Made collective or TAFA List. If this changes, all vendors will be notified and prices adjusted.  Approved non-members may sell through the shop at a 50/50% Consignment rate or whatever is agreed between shop and vendor.
  • Vendors are expected to pack their products well so that they arrive in ready condition for presentation and sale. Include instructions on what to do if ironing is needed.
  • Returns: The Shop can return any product at any time for any reason, but the normal cycle will be for a year. Vendors must give one month’s notice for products they would like returned.


Fees and Payments:

  • All vendors must have a PayPal account.
  • Products sold will be paid for via PayPal as soon as the payments clear, usually within 3-5 days. Vendor must be able to refund payments for any customer returns.
  • Vendor is responsible for any fees their payments generate (usually up to 3% of sale.)
  • The Shop will cover any damaged products on site their wholesale value (50% of retail). This includes anything that is stolen or damaged by negligent customers. Poorly made products will not be covered. Examples:  A child grabs an art doll and pulls the hair out. Shop is responsible for damage.  Woman tries on blouse and it should fit easily and seams come undone. Vendor is responsible for bad sewing.
  • Vendor is responsible for shipping products to the shop. Shop pays for shipping products back to the vendor. The shop will normally use the United States Postal System, first class, with no insurance (they are very reliable!). If vendors want upgraded shipping, they will pay the difference.
  • Commissions: Vendor does not need to pay a commission to the shop for special orders that come through it. But, if they want to, it is appreciated!
  • Discounts: The shop may choose to give discounts to customers and deduct it from its commission. Or, both the vendor and shop may choose to split a discount for special sale events. Any discount which affects the vendor’s 75% commission will only be done with the vendor’s permission.



The shop will maintain insurance up to $100,000 to cover major disasters such as fires or earthquakes. However, as a river city, there is always the threat of flooding and flood insurance is very expensive here, so I will not carry it. (Few businesses have it here.)  The good news is that the shop is not in a dangerous flood zone. It would have to be an angry act from heaven to have that happen…  If an insurance claim needs to be filed, both the shop and vendors shall have to wait for reimbursement according to the insurance process.  Vendors need to keep good records showing when and what was sent to the shop with the value and any payments or returns made.


Updates to Agreement:

Any updates to this agreement will be made to all vendors via email notice. Any special agreements with vendors will be attached to the original agreement as a legal amendment.


Print this part, fill it out and send it as a signed file by email to

(a photo or scan is fine)




Mailing address:




PayPal id:


I have read the agreement for selling on consignment through Artizan Made – Paducah.  I agree to the terms. 





(State any exceptions to the above guidelines after having cleared them with me.)



Become a member! 


Both Artizan Made and TAFA List have memberships on approval.  Click to learn more:

Artizan Made Membership

TAFA List Membership


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