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We are a collective of handmade shops from around the world. Most of our members are studio artists and make their own products, but we also support ethical vintage and craft communities, especially if they have a fair trade focus. Each applicant is evaluated based on the products they would bring into the mix, their professionalism and their aesthetic. Our main focuses are on home decor products and eco fashion. We also accept handmade supplies. Artizan Made’s mission is to promote and support its membership. Each shop member has a profile on the site and is promoted through our blog and social media sites, with Facebook as our primary place. We have a private group on Facebook which has been an excellent way to share knowledge, tips and news. We will eventually have a forum on the site as well. Learn more about our story on the About page.

The Market

In Spring of 2016, our marketplace was launched as way to showcase our member products in a searchable manner. Each member gets one product listed in the market for free. There is an additional fee to participate fully as a market shop.  Market shop listings can link to a product elsewhere (for example on Etsy or on the member’s own site), display a made to order item, or use our cart for direct sales. At this time, downloads and commercial prints are not allowed. We want everything on the market to show actual handmade products. The market furthers our goal in promoting our members. The internet has become an extremely competitive space making it difficult to penetrate and attract the right customers. Having a group with a high quality aesthetic invites shoppers who share these interests and helps them find products they want to support. Whether customers shop on our site or hop on over to our members sites, our goal of support is fulfilled with each purchase made.

How to apply

If you have not been approved as a member yet, use our Contact Page.  State why you would like to join us and include a list of your site and main social media links. Describe what you do and what your long term goals are with your business.


Artizan Made Membership Fee: One-time set up fee of $125 USD.

Monthly Payments: $12.50/month through a PayPal subscription.

Both of these payments are in the listing below. Click on the PayPal button to enable the monthly payments, then check out with our cart for the membership fee.

Market Fees: $25/year for 50 listings made through a PayPal subscription. You can have as many blocks of listings as you need but the 50 listings work well for most shops. We do not take any commissions except for the same PayPal fee of 2.9% on sales through our cart.

Artizan Made Membership and Other Services

Comments (6)

  1. Centa 3 years ago

    i am starting to relurpise my artwork onto fabric and fabric products and having a small company in canada manufacture ship and deliver. I plan to open an etsy store though Artizen might be better.?? Do you allow ?

    • Author
      Rachel 3 years ago

      If I understand correctly, your things would be factory made. So, although you are the designer, your products would not be a fit for Artizan Made. Our goal is to support work that is handmade. Thank you for your interest!

  2. JB 2 years ago

    Am I correct in understanding these fees:
    162.50=125.00 to join, 12.50 a month, 25.00 annual fee to set up a listing

    • Author
      Rachel 2 years ago

      The $125 is a set-up fee, a one-time thing. Then, the $12.50 is a monthly fee that helps contribute to ongoing expenses. And the annual fee for the market is for 50 listings (not one) and that seems to be working for our members.

  3. Lita Setchfield 1 year ago

    HI, I’m considering joining and I’d like to know if we hold the inventory and ship it once someone makes a purchase through the site or if it is shipped through Artizan Made.

    • Author
      Rachel 1 year ago

      Hi, Lita! Each shop owner keeps their own inventory and ships it from wherever they are. Most of our members have shops on Etsy or on their own sites (like yours) so with those, we link back to the shop. Our main goal is to connect buyers with fine handmade products. But, we do have a cart on the site as well and members can choose to use that if they don’t have one. We do not charge a commission on sales made through the site.

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