Handmade Studios and Workspaces

Handmade Studios and Workspaces
07/26/2017 Rachel
Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

The handmade process can involve a simple use of materials and space. Most of us may have tried new techniques by following a tutorial with materials we might already have at home or perhaps bought a kit with the basics to make something. But, when it becomes a profession, materials, tools and supplies might demand a dedicated space for production. Usually we see an image of one finished product and don’t really think of all that went into making that item reach your eye.

Artists and communities working in craft and art production often struggle with accumulating materials or supplies that take over a space. In the quilting world, we talk about our “stash” of fabric. When a quilter dies, the husband or family might be left with a massive amount of fabric that they have no clue how to dispose of or pass on. In comes eBay and other markets where we “de-stash” what can no longer be used.

Our Artizan Made shops all reflect professional makers who dedicate their time and energy towards creation. Not only do they need the tools, materials, and supplies that they use, but they have also invested years of study and practice to become masters at what they do. Then, once a product is made, they must also photograph, document, describe, and market each finished piece. Some are sold at festivals and markets, others at galleries, and others through their online venues.

Process defines and separates the handmade product from that which is factory made. Not everything that is handmade is beautiful or wonderful, but we feel that our shops are the cream of the crop and showcase the best in each niche or industry. This post celebrates the process. Enjoy a peek into our studios and work spaces and get a feel for the awesome labor that goes into each piece.

Can you guess at what the final product is for each work space?

If you have been following us, you might recognize the name or get hints from the photos.

Clicking on their name or image will take you to their shops. Have fun and enjoy exploring our handmade studios and workspaces!



AllThingsPretty Australian Artist studio 2


CherScapes Studio


Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts


Gilgulim studio Outside


Gilgulim work table


Nelsonwood turning wood in shop

Oshiwa Designs

0004 Carvers at Oshiwa Namibia

0003 Hand Carving an Oshiwa Printing Block TL 01


Something Else Studio

Something Else Studio Fabric-Cutting Room

Something Else Studio Living Room

Something Else Studio wood



Woodissimo studio shot

Woodissimo cutting wood

Woodissimo workshop

Wrapture by Inese

Wrapture by Inese studio in LatviaInese has moved to a new home and has a huge studio now. Check her Facebook page for updates!


I find it so inspiring to think of all of these people, all over the world, making their work and in the process, making our world more beautiful.


What do you think? Are you inspired? We would love to have your ideas here, too. Does handmade make a difference in your life? What is the importance to you? Leave a comment and don’t be shy! 🙂


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  1. ariane mariane 5 years ago

    Such a pleasure having a peek in each others workspaces! Thank you Rachel!

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