Game of Thrones – Handmade Artizan Movie Props and Costumes

Game of Thrones – Handmade Artizan Movie Props and Costumes
07/10/2017 Rachel
Game of Thrones Featured Image

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? I first heard about it from an embroidery group that I belong to and it led me to subscribe to HBO because I wanted to see the costumes… Michele Carragher, an embroidery artist and illustrator, created many of the garments worn by key characters in the series. Her work is phenomenal. Unfortunately, it gets lost in the series itself, losing ground to all the drama that is going on, but those of us who look for these things, catch glimpses of it here and there, lusting after the details and luxury of her work. Here is an example, a close-up of Sansa’s wedding dress. Her website has many more images and info, so make sure to visit and don’t slobber on your keyboard!


Michele Carragher embroidery of Sansa’s wedding dress in Game of Thrones


The series is bloody and violent. Everybody you like dies. Those you don’t like also die. The actors even joke about how long they will live when they get signed on. Yet, I am hooked. The main story revolves around several kingdoms vying for a throne that will control all of the kingdoms. The world that has been created is completely believable, although it is nowhere, an amalgamation of cultures and history. There are knights, swords, eunuchs, a beloved dwarf and dragons….  definitely in the past somewhere. Winter is coming, years and years of it, and with it, the undead from the North. Basic good and evil plots with great characters. Everybody needing a savior with several good souls fighting the good fight, but the bad people are truly nasty….  Heh, heh.

Here is a clip:


I love film, especially when there are great costumes and props. And, as I watch, I think of all of the handmade goods I work with on a daily basis and how many of them would fit right in with this film or that. I have a friend who used to work in Hollywood looking for props for the movies she worked on. She would shop around in mainstream shops, at thrift stores and on the web. Recently, one of our shops, Afghan Tribal Arts, sold several vintage yokes from Afghanistan for a futuristic film, the sequel to Divergent. The movie is not out yet and I am so curious to see how they will use these old textiles as the first movie had nothing that looked like them:

Afghan Tribal Arts vintage embroidered yoke

Afghan Tribal Arts vintage embroidered yoke


It takes a special talent to take something like this out of context and make it work in a completely new way…  I picked an item from each of our shops that I think could be worked into a Game of Thrones episode.  OK…  I stretched it a bit on some of them, but most of our shops are working with techniques that have been handed down through the centuries and even though they may have a contemporary twist, they could easily translate into another time in a fictional world. Click on the image to visit that shop.
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Don’t you think some of these would work perfectly in Game of Thrones? We have an accompanying album on Facebook where I added quotes from the series. Goodreads has thousands of great quotes so I pick from there, but it was really tough to find ones that were tame enough for our family friendly Artizan Made audience…  Here are a couple that I like:

“every building is constructed stone by stone, and the same may be said of knowledge,”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


“Lions care not for the opinions of sheep.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


“Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


You’ll have to look through them for yourself to see what grabs you.

HBO has released quite a few behind-the-scenes videos to accompany the series, a nice touch, and this one gives some insight into how movie props and costumes have been thought out and made for this specific context:

What a fun job it must be!

I don’t really know how we get the movie industry to look at us more, to use our talents to fit in with what they are doing, but I think it’s a great marriage of interests and talent and I encourage our community to look for these alliances. If you are in that world and have some tips for us, please share! 🙂

To finish, I just have to include this spoof on the series, done by Jimmy Fallon. And, I must say, the costumes and props are awesome here, too!


From our Market

The closest we can get to the Game of Thrones “look” is probably in our Rustic Category…  Explore our whole Market here:

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