Color Series: The Teal Kitchen

Color Series: The Teal Kitchen
07/20/2018 Rachel
teal kitchen

Blue is normally thought of as a cool color, but the yellows in teal warm it up, making it a soothing yet welcoming color for the heart of many homes. The kitchen often serves as the gathering place, where we sit, chat, catch up, and of course, prepare our foods.

Designers often run with one dominant color for a room and then accessorize with complementing ones. The Teal Kitchen could use either through painted walls, cabinets or through the accessories and decorative items spread around the space.

Complementary colors are often surprising! One way to think outside of the box is to take one item that has your shade of teal along with other colors and then separate the colors. A back splash using Prairie Mile Tile‘s work as a focal point could be surrounded by commercial tiles that work with it:

Prairie Mile Tile Heron

All of those colors are found in the tile and could be used elsewhere to pull everything in together.

Teal and other shades of blue-green are a favorite color used by our Artizan Shop ceramic artists. Cheryl Wolff Ceramics, for example, can supply your whole dinnerware and tableware in a beautiful, warm teal:

Cheryl Wolff plates


Our textiles also come in handy. Scarves and shawls can be hung on the walls or used as runners and table cloths. When searching for just the right accent for your teal kitchen, use keywords that might broaden your search. Unfinished hand printed fabric can be transformed into curtains, pillow covers without their inserts make great chair pads and hot pads, and an apron hanging on a peg can add a spot of color. MayaMam Weavers has everything you need for your kitchen in almost any color!  Fair trade and handwoven in Guatemala.


MayaMam Weavers Guatemalan fair trade hand woven-quetzal-jade-table-napkins

MayaMam Weavers Guatemalan fair trade hand woven napkins


Another of our fair trade shops, Sprout Enterprise Network, works with a wonderful glass blowing group in Mexico, Xaquixe. Several colors and sizes to pick from. Sprout works with other groups who also have kitchen accessories.


Sprout Enterprise - Handblown Studio Xaquixe cups

Sprout Enterprise – Handblown Studio Xaquixe glasses



Even beads can be brought in to your kitchen with effectiveness! String them on wire and wrap them around wine glass stems, dangle them from ceiling fan pulls, embed them into grout….

Afghan Tribal Arts turquoise beads


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