Artizan Hombre: Handmade Style for Men

Artizan Hombre: Handmade Style for Men
06/15/2018 Rachel
Artizan Hombre - gifts for men

Our stats on Facebook show us that our audience is primarily made up of women. But, we have great products for men, too! Rustic or sleek and lots in between, we would love to see more men discover and support our shops!

I’ve always had a great time shopping and making for my brother and Dad as both have a deep appreciation for the handmade process. They also have a wide range of interests and hobbies, making it easy to hit on something they will enjoy. Growing up, our house reflected both of my parents. But, I have been to some homes where it is hard to imagine the guy feeling at home there: lace and peach and Hummel figurines that ooze of femininity. Perhaps there is no such thing as a definite handmade style for men, but let’s look at some of our Artizan products and see if you agree with me that these fit the “hombre style”. (Hombre means “man” in Spanish.”)

Featured image: Conquistador mask, Mexico, Sir Raffles Art and History.

Made by our Artizan Dudes

If it’s made by a guy, other guys will probably like it, right? These are hand crafted by the men in Artizan Made. Click on the images to visit their shops.

Nelsonwood Texas Bradford Pear Wood Bowl

Nelsonwood Texas Bradford Pear Wood Bowl


Bryan Tyler Nelson turns wood, often contrasting rugged, raw surfaces with sleek, highly polished finishing. His bowls and woodwork are aimed at the discerning and appreciative eye, collected by many men around the world.


Down to the Wire Designs - Mind The Gap Ring with Hammered Lines, Rustic Silver Men's

Down to the Wire Designs – Mind The Gap Ring with Hammered Lines, Rustic Silver Men’s

Down To The Wire Designs

Chuck Domitrovich’s bold and clean designs work for men and women. A big part of his business is dedicated to creating wedding bands for couples who want something out of the ordinary. Chuck also enjoys technical challenges and has several rings and pendants that have movable parts.



Something Else Studio Treasure Chest

Something Else Studio Treasure Chest

Something Else Studio

A master woodworker, Joe Guarnere’s medieval treasure boxes scream “Hobbit!” to me. The box comes with a strap and could be worn as a purse, but they would also be great in an office as a place to store special mementos, letters (remember them?) and anything a wizard might store away from the public eye.

Picandle Aztec Monkey

Picandle Aztec Monkey


Peter Off is what we call a Renaissance man these days. He makes these candles with Kata Asmany, and also creates jewelry, is a photographer, writes and can probably do almost anything he sets his mind to do. The candles seem like the perfect gift for the literate man, the anthropologist and the traveler.


Elliott Glass Art Closed Bowl blue and white

Elliott Glass Art Closed Bowl blue and white

Elliott Glass Art

Jeffrey Elliott blows glass: lots of vessels and paper weights, which make great office gifts. An ancient art with contemporary appeal!


Oshiwa Designs Textile Stamps

Oshiwa Designs Textile Stamps

Oshiwa Designs

A fair trade group of carvers in Namibia, the Oshiwa designs spring from the imaginations of these African men. They are inspired by the natural life of their villages and by traditional African designs. The stamps are used to print on paper or fabric, and can also be used to press into clay, soap or dough. Add a little picture hanger to the back and they make great wall art!



Other Handmade Manly Goods

We have many, many things to pick from, but there are three shops we just need to mention because they have specific products created for men. Wrapture by Inese, an eco shop which recycles wool yarns into its garments. Inese Liepina knits wonderfully soft sweaters for men, from earthy browns to bright blues and greens.

Wrapture by Inese Sweaters for Men

Wrapture by Inese Sweaters for Men

Wrapture by Inese


Siamese Dream Design makes comfy slippers and shoes for men. I just know that my brother would love these! (If they make them big enough…..  Size 13, please?)  Unfortunately, the artisan they work with fell ill, so they don’t have a huge selection like they used to, but there are still some left. They have loads of other things that men would like, too.

Siamese Dream Design Men's Slippers

Siamese Dream Design Men’s Slippers

 Siamese Dream Design


Artizan Made has several shops that focus on vintage handmade. You’ll find tribal and folk art, carpets, collectibles, and all kinds of wonderful objects that have been carefully salvaged and preserved for their workmanship or cultural importance. Explore our Shop Portfolios and Market for more ideas and information.




If you are a guy, we would love to hear about what you like to buy for your home or to wear. Do you embrace the handmade style? If you are a woman, what are some of the things you have bought or made for your men that were a big hit?


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