‘You Called”, a Love Poem by Abdul Wardak

‘You Called”, a Love Poem by Abdul Wardak
02/03/2016 Rachel
Valentine-Love-Poem-cover vintage afghan embroidery chain stitch on silk

We have a poet on board Artizan Made! Abdul Wardak makes his living by selling hand carved beads, tribal jewelry, textiles and other handmade goods that he imports from his native Afghanistan and the region. On his time off, he writes. His poems are often about memory, longing, love, God, and nature. Most of us will relate to ‘You Called”, a love poem that captures a voice that invades the present, a love poem, bringing with it memories of time gone by.

Steel Goat Studio Heart Folk Art, Mexico and Peru

Steel Goat Studio Heart Folk Art, Mexico and Peru

You called from the past,
A familiar sound of yesterday,
A music for tomorrow.

You reignited the fire
That was covered beneath the ashes,
A brightness that was needed.


You treasured our passion,
A candle that burned forever,
A temple of love filled with memories.


You hold the light to hope,
A meaning which came to life,
A dream which became so real,
When you called me from the past.


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