What’s in your closet? Artizan Style!!!

What’s in your closet? Artizan Style!!!
09/03/2016 Rachel
Artizan closet handmade clothing and accessories

Do you know where your clothes came from? Where were they made? And, who made them? What’s in your closet? Check your labels sometime and see if you can recreate the path from maker to you…

The fashion industry and our addiction to new clothes causes great stress on our world….  In response to that, there are many counter movements of slow fashion and ethical wear that address and help us work towards a solution. Steps to take:

Make your own clothes

If you don’t know how, learn! I have sewn for years and am learning how to knit. I just started on my first sweater and it is such a feeling of accomplishment to watch it grow. Thousands of stitches slowly turning into cloth…

Go thrifting

Buying second hand clothing keeps them out of the waste cycle. You can alter, dye, and repair clothing creatively to give them new life.


Support other Makers

Yes, you will spend more when you buy from artists, designers and fair trade groups, but you will have something unique and you will know the story behind what you are wearing. So, when asked, “What’s in your closet?”, you will be able to tell an interesting story!

We have some pretty amazing fashion choices to offer here on Artizan Made! Click on the images below to visit their shops:


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