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I am a fiber artist who has studied across the U.S. It is my deepest hope that my art will make you smile. In this world of technology and isolation, we forget that we are really all connected - across continents, and across time. I love finding vintage images of people from the past who have something to teach us today. And I love finding whimsy and joy wherever it may arise. My works draw on images from many eras of people having FUN. The materials have been gathered from across the world, with an emphasis on highest quality. Hand-made materials beat machine-made every time. I like to incorporate found objects into my work, and I especially like to play with the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy. For example, many of my hoop photos are embroidered in the background and realistic in the foreground - or vice versa. My felted pieces are very different from my hoops, and you won't see anything else like them on the web. Maybe this is because they are so labor-intensive: before I can begin to create a piece, I first have to create the felt from raw wool, and then dye it several times to make patterns. The felt collages are embellished with embroidery, knitting, and sometimes even rug hooking! Please browse around and let me know if anything strikes your fancy! Warm regards, Amy