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  • handmade mugs

    Start your day with a handmade mug!

    A handmade mug has character, individuality, helps save money, and gives personal satisfaction. Check out our Artizan Made selection!

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  • Siamese Dream Design Vegan Shoes

    A Holiday Dinner with Artistic Friends

    A holiday dinner at a friend's house, enjoying the decor, the company, the music and the good taste. The house,…

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  • Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

    Handmade Studios and Workspaces

    Catch a glimpse of the handmade studios and work spaces of our Artizan Made shops. See how textiles, ceramics, wood,…

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  • Game of Thrones Featured Image

    Game of Thrones – Handmade Artizan Movie Props and Costumes

    We look at the Game of Thrones as an example of how handmade art can be used as movie props…

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  • Karen L Howard - Mermaids, Mother And Child

    Artizan Made Gifts for the Mother in Your Life

    Find some great handmade gifts for the mother in your life and check out some of our Artizan Made mothers!

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  • Green Temari by Yarndance

    Color Series: Green for Growth

    The color green explored: its meaning in different countries while linking to resources that have information on culture, history, and…

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  • Kiln House Pottery Sandy Kreyer Ceramic Planters

    Handmade Garden and Patio Accessories with Soul!

    Spice up your outdoors with handmade garden and patio accessories: hammocks, ceramic bird feeders and tile!

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  • Cochineal Red: Elusive and Powerful!

    Cochineal Red: Two books introduce us to the history of colors, especially red. We feature Artizan shops with red handmade…

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  • Gifts-under-30-featured-image

    Handmade Gifts Under $30: Home, Office, Body and Supplies

    Find handmade gifts under $30 in our Artizan Made shops! Gifts for the home, wearables, jewelry, for guys, decorative and…

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  • Artizan Made handmade Christmas ornaments

    Handmade Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts!

    Handmade Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts! Ceramic, fabric, beeswax and mixed media are a few examples shown of ornaments from…

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  • Have a Handmade Tea Party!

    Have a Handmade Tea Party! Get a bit of history about tea and then give you some great ideas of…

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  • HEra Made mandela vest

    Symbolism of Circles in Arts and Crafts

    The arts and crafts handed down through our history often make reference to the symbolism of circles and other geometric…

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  • Cheryl Wolff black pears

    A Love Affair with Clay: Challenges and Victories

    Rachel Biel talks about her love affair with clay and how challenging it is to succeed as a ceramic artist.…

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  • 2016 March Photo Contest – Blue

    Our March handmade photo contest features the color blue. Contest starts on March 15th and ends March 22nd. All are…

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  • An Interview with Karen Fiorino, the Artist behind Clay Lick Creek Pottery

    Karen Fiorino, the artist behind Clay Lick Creek Pottery, shares how she has combined a background in zoology and science…

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  • Valentine-Love-Poem-cover vintage afghan embroidery chain stitch on silk

    ‘You Called”, a Love Poem by Abdul Wardak

    Abdul Wardak's love poem inspires this Valentine's Day collection of handmade ceramics, jewelry, garments, and home decor!

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  • quentao recipe- handmade wine inspired gifts Artizan Made

    Hot Mulled Wine and Dreamers and Makers

    A story of a man who didn't think he would sing and another who built a theater out in the…

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  • Artizan Made Thanksgiving wood turned bowls

    Imagine: A Thanksgiving Wish from Artizan Made

    Artizan Made wishes everyone a Thanksgiving of peace. We find inspiration in John Lennon's song, Imagine, Playing for Change and…

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  • Artizan Hombre - gifts for men

    Artizan Hombre: Handmade Style for Men

    From sleek to rugged, our Artizan shops have great handmade products for men, decorative along with wearables. Check out our…

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  • winter white - artizan made christmas handmade

    Decorating for the Holidays with Handmade

    Decorating for the Holidays with handmade is great fun! Bring meaning and creativity into your home and enjoy a one-of-a-kind…

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  • handmade flower power

    Handmade Flower Power! Artizan Made floral designs.

    Remember when flowers meant peace and love? Our handmade flower power lives on today through our Artizan Made floral designs.…

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  • Hot Moon Collection Feature

    Hot Moon Collection Travels the World

    Gabrielle Ruvolo, or Gaby, tells a bit of her story and what she loves about running the Hot Moon Collection,…

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  • Artizan Made video - Objects

    Artizan Made Video: Objects

    In our second Artizan Made video, Objects, we feature our hands holding an object, set to the song written for…

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  • Cover for Artizan Made video

    Our first Artizan Made video!

    We have our first Artizan Made video! The talented 80 Bug made us a song which will be our theme for this year. She has a beautiful voice and such a great spirit! She also makes her own things by hand, including some of the musical instruments she uses, so she knew exactly what we are about!


    Check it out:


    Maybe we can get her to add more verses down the road. It’s a catchy tune, don’t you think?

    The most important thing is that it captures the spirit of our Artizan Made shops: the handmade process and all of the years of training that go into making these products. Although the video is short, I hope that it brings across the message that what we do is an essential part of our human history and that we should continue to do it. In order to make a living at it, we need our partners: the shoppers who don’t want everything to be the same, who value the time and effort and talent that goes into making a great product.

    You can see all of our Artizan shops on our home page. Click on the thumbnails to see their portfolios and then follow their links.

    Please share the video with your people and encourage them to come visit, too! Let’s make this a celebration of handmade!

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