Woven Recycled Paper Bracelet, ‘Sahara’, Large

Woven Recycled Paper Bracelet, ‘Sahara’, Large

I made this!!! A dogfood bag becomes art. This bracelet is made of folded pieces of paper in what is known as the “candywrapper technique”. Prisoners made this technique famous by making purses and sculptures out of soft wrappings form cigarette packs.

I have made several purses using this technique, but they get pretty pricey. So, due to popular request, I made a few smaller pieces. I recycle the top layer of paper that comes on my dogfood bags. They have a protective coating on them, which helps make them more durable, but close scrutiny will reveal cracks from where the paper was handled.

This bracelet has about 80 pieces of paper that have been folded and interlocked with each other. Each row is sewn internally to the next one. I use fake gut. The beads are carved discs made from ostrich eggs from Kenya and green soapstone.

Diameter: 3.25″ or 7.5 centimeters.

This bracelet is for a large hand (like mine). The plaster hand in the photo was done of my hand. I have big guy hands. A smaller person could wear this pushed up over their elbow.


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I have loved working with my hands since childhood and have tried many craft techniques, finally settling on the textile arts as my main form of expression. I like pulling bits and pieces together to make a greater whole, assembling textures on to a form. But, my bins of fabric are on hold for now as I recently discovered a new obsession, knitting! We'll see how all of these interests merge together over time... I have also sold supplies and tools that I purchase from traders or find in thrift stores. Textile remnants and printing blocks are two favorites I look for. So you might find these, along with what I make, in my shop.

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