Recycled PomPom Necktie Scarf- Vintage Silk and Polyester: Steel Grey, Yellow, Orange, Tie #7

Recycled PomPom Necktie Scarf- Vintage Silk and Polyester: Steel Grey, Yellow, Orange, Tie #7

Recycled PomPom Necktie Scarf- Vintage Silk and Polyester: Steel Grey, Yellow, Orange, Tie #7



New life given to what was destined for a landfill! Two vintage ties have been recycled into an art scarf with colorful Pom Poms which I made myself.

The skinnier, bluish tie is silk with Schiaparelli named on the back lining as the designer, quite famous in the 1940’s-1960’s. Here’s a little bio on her.  The bolder tie has a small label on the back which reads “Commodore Texturized Polyester”, safely from the 1970’s. The polyester feels like silk.

I belong to a textile and fiber art group and one of my friends had a big box of ties she was going to throw away if nobody took them. A couple of us went to the rescue!

Length: 56″, 142 cm Width: 5″ at the widest, 13 cm

I think this would look great on a guy, too. Be free!


Rachel Biel of Rayela Art

Rachel Biel of Rayela Art

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