Afghan Tribal Arts – Vintage Tribal Wallet
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Afghan Tribal Arts – Vintage Tribal Wallet


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Abdul Wardak

Abdul Wardak of Afghan Tribal Arts


These vintage wallets are from Afghanistan, showing traditional embroidery by the Kuchi, Pashtun, and Hazara. The stitching is amazing! The wallets are perfect to store jewelry or any special objects. They should be handled with some care as they are old, estimated to be from the 1970’s or earlier. They range in price from $36-$71 USD.

We also carry small and large textiles using similar embroidery techniques.

Afghanistan has been at the heart of the crossroads for the Silk Road for centuries. Nomads and generations of ethnic groups have thrived on trade and beautiful handicraft skills. Textiles, embroidery and carpet weaving continue to represent a plethora of skills that extend on into metal work, wood work, and ceramics. Designs reflect both the beauty of nature and life of spirit in choice of colors and fluidity of the design.

Recommended reading: “Traditional Textiles of Central Asia” by Janet Harvey, a wonderful illustrated book on textiles from Afghanistan and the region.

Afghan Tribal Arts has been working with Afghan artists for more than 20 years. Handcarved semi-precious beads are the core focus of the business, but we also have a huge inventory of old and new textiles, carvings and metal work. Visit our shop on Etsy to see our beautiful treasures!

Afghan Tribal Arts

Abdul Wardak of Afghan Tribal Arts Abdul Wardak has been importing from Afghanistan and the region since the early 1980's. Beads carved from semi-precious stones are the core of the business, but Afghan Tribal Arts also has an extensive collection of tribal jewelry, textiles, carpets, and vintage functional crafts.

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