Nelsonwood, Australian Corrugata Burl Wood Bowl
Nelsonwood Bryan Nelson

Bryan Nelson of Nelsonwood

Bryan Tyler Nelson is NELSONWOOD.

“I was first exposed to woodworking in my Junior High School years. It was just a class I took with my friends. I did turn a bowl, which I still have, but it was one of the scariest thing I ever did at that age.  That was really the extent of it till around the year 1998 I was given 45 solid oak church pews, thus it began. With the purchase of a surface planer, a second hand radial arm saw and a few hand tools I built bookcases, beds, benches and tables for friends and family. I found that I have a knack. I acquired all my knowledge and skill through trial and error and many hours of reading.

I have over 5,000 bowls sold through retail and internet sales (I sign, date and number each bowl). Wood turning is what I spend most of my woodworking time on. I have a great respect and love of wood. Wood is the most perfect of God’s creations. A living treasure of hidden beauty that remains hidden till it’s death. I am humbled to be able to reveal to all some of this hidden beauty. I find great satisfaction in saving some of the local wood in my area from their final resting place, fire pit or dump.

If we, the human race, would put aside our greed and think clearly of how to use our forest, there would be no danger to our forest and jungles. The trees and people could live in harmony. We just have to find the balance………….”


Nelsonwood Texas Bradford Pear Wood Bowl

Nelsonwood Texas Bradford Pear Wood Bowl



Nelsonwood crochet hooks

Nelsonwood crochet hooks



Nelsonwood salt pepper mills Bird's Eye Maple and Padauk

Nelsonwood salt pepper mills Bird’s Eye Maple and Padauk

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