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Lynn of LoomOnTheLake weaving. Glens Falls, New York, USA


My loom is on my porch, secluded and enclosed, overlooking my beloved lake in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.  Trees.  Lake. Mountains.  Can I capture them in my weaving?  Yes. Many people enjoy doing that.

I’m a musician.  Rhythm.  Harmony. Dissonance.  You can find them in my textiles.

People call me an artist, but I’m really a scientist in disguise.  I may hide some math or physics in my design. Then I discover that the finished textile emerges with an existence and meaning of its own.  People respond to my textiles and then they figure out uses for them.



As a mathematician and physicist, I see abstract mathematical concepts, crystals, and the stars.

As a musician playing the recorder, I hear the flow of music.

As one who loves nature, I see the waves on the lake, the clouds, the mountains.

And as a weaver, I create my textiles.

They all flow together.  I find no boundaries between art and science, between math and music, between the abstract and the concrete.



loomonthelake boat Ask the captain of the steamboat to take you for a ride. The boat is fueled with wood, burned in a boiler. Water circulates through tubes in the boiler and is turned into steam. The steam goes into a steam engine coupled to a propeller which moves the steamboat. The steam is condensed and recirculated.

Lynn’s Lake


LoomOnTheLake Textile Wall Hanging Tapestry, Coffee Table Runner

LoomOnTheLake Textile Wall Hanging Tapestry, Coffee Table Runner


LoomOnTheLake - purple in progress

LoomOnTheLake – purple in progress

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