Fiber Into Art by Heidi

Entangled, Fiber Into Art by Heidi Zielinski, Textile Art Quilt
Heidi Zielinski - Stevensville, Montana, USA

Heidi Zielinski – Stevensville, Montana, USA

I use fabric, thread, and often beads, to create wall quilts that are like paintings in cloth.  My work is mostly abstract but it reflects my appreciation of the beauty to be found in the mountains, forests, fields, and gardens of Western Montana where I am inspired to create.  You will see recurring motifs in my work like leaves, flowers and trees and other elements of the natural world, although sometimes the connection to nature is in the color choices or the varied textures of the cloth.   I am also excited by color and combining color in sometimes unexpected ways.


Most pieces are heavily stitched by machine with a hand-guided organic style of movement and line that is not marked or pre-planned.  I love to incorporate stone, glass, metal, wood and other types of beads which become integral to the work as a wonderful contrast and compliment to the fiber.   Beads catch light in a different way than fabric so they add strong visual impact to the art.  I use many types of cloth and often create my own designs using techniques such as dyeing, painting, stamping, stenciling, color removal, rusting, and soy wax batik.  Some pieces are wholecloth designs where a single piece of cloth I have created, my quilting/stitching designs, and any embellishment I may choose to add come together to make a piece of art that is thoughtful and meaningful.


Each art quilt comes with a sleeve on the back and rod so that you can hang it simply with two small nails, or they can be wired for hanging.  Since cloth is light the pieces do not hug the wall like a framed painting so I like to suggest the two nail method.


Please let me know if you have any questions about my work or a certain quilt or technique.  I often share works in progress, new work and where I’m showing my art or teaching on my Fiber Into Art by Heidi Facebook page and on my blog.


Tulip Skies, Fiber Into Art by Heidi Zielinski, Textile Art Quilt

Tulip Skies


Forest Floor, Fiber Into Art by Heidi Zielinski, Textile Art Quilt

Forest Floor


Ferns, Fiber Into Art by Heidi Zielinski, Textile Art Quilt


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