Clay Lick Creek Pottery

Clay Lick Creek Pottery Orange and Green Flower Bowl
Karen Fiorino of Clay Lick Creek Pottery

Karen Fiorino of Clay Lick Creek Pottery


If you are looking for a bright spot of color to liven up you home, Clay Lick Creek Pottery is the place to be!  Each piece of my colorful and distinctive functional pottery is lovingly created one piece at a time in my personal studio nestled in a little corner of the Shawnee Forest in Southern Illinois.  I specialize in functional mugs and bowls, both large and small featuring fun critters and eye popping floral designs, all created to put a smile on your face and joy in your day.  I use an old glazing technique called Majolica which was developed in Spain and Italy during the 1500s in which I put my own spin to the traditional designs. Pieces are fired twice, once as a bisque to prepare the pottery for glazing and the final glaze fire.  All are safe for food use and smaller bowls and mugs can be put in the microwave for quick warm ups and top rack of dishwasher for clean up.


Wanting fun pottery for my own use started my journey into Majolica pottery and gradually turned into a business of sharing this vision to the world.  Every year styles change as I have different experiences and develop various client given suggestions.  My personal mantra is, “Every piece I make belongs to someone, I just need to get the piece and person together.” I hope the joy and fun I have creating my pottery brings the same happiness into the homes of the individual who do acquire my work.


Check out my Etsy shop for smaller pieces to begin your collection, follow me on my Clay Lick Creek Pottery Facebook business page to see the making of my work and have first dibs on the various pieces fresh from the kiln, or find my Schedule of Events on my web site and meet me in person while perusing a collection of my pottery at a local Art Fair.


I love making fun and unique Majolica pottery guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Clay Lick Creek Pottery Funny Yarn Bowl

Clay Lick Creek Pottery Cat Bowl

Clay Lick Creek Pottery Sunflower Bowl


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  1. Angela Smith 3 months ago

    Hello. Do you the funny yarn bowl with the braces?

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