Affaires Nomades

Affaires Nomades Linen and recycled burlap Pillow


Affaires Nomades - Fumika Dubois

Affaires Nomades – Fumika Dubois


Fumika Dubois designs home textiles based on her paintings. Her main focus is on linen pillows, but she also offers placemats and wall art. Fumika lives in Paris, France. Contact her for special commissions.


“My name is Fumika. I am Japanese-French: born in Japan and currently living in France.


I studied at the University of Fine Arts in Japan, and later I entered an interior design program in Paris, eventually working as a set design assistant and decorator. I returned to painting and designing for my decor inspiration.


Affaires Nomades comes from my fascination for the ever-changing moments of life. Although a home symbolizes stability, I want to explore the idea that it can also reflect change. Therefore, my work is about a search for decor, which reflects this ephemeral nature. I like small furniture so I can easily move it to where I think it is best suited at that given time. This is why I like to work with fabrics, specializing in linen pillows which can set the mood of a space.”


Affaires Nomades pink linen pillow

Affaires Nomades pink linen pillow


Affaires Nomades Placemat

Affaires Nomades Placemat


Affaires Nomades Door Curtain Japanese style linen

Affaires Nomades Door Curtain

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