Paula Art

Paula Art cleans up her corner of Texas by transforming salvaged or discarded objects into functional art for home, office and garden.

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    Paula Art

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    Home, Garden and Office Accents

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    Salvaged Metals

I love giving useless junk a 2nd life. I get to feel like a kid every day as I walk around looking for objects that have flown off of vehicles, been tossed into dumpsters or dropped off at the scrap yard.

Found objects have a patina and a texture about them that is unique and intriguing. The unknown use or history of the objects is what excites me and commands my attention. It’s like a game waiting to see what will fit with what and how to make it useful.┬áTo date I have made: clocks, tables, lamps, pendants, keepsake boxes, candle holders, wall art, shelves, vases, flowers and utensil holders. Art is my life!

-Paula Art

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