June 2015 Photo Competition: Made by Hand

June 2015 Photo Competition: Made by Hand
06/17/2015 Rachel
We are a group of Maya Mam women from the town of Cajolá in Guatemala. For us Maya, weaving has been a way for thousands of years to express our identity, our love of beauty and to relay the wisdom of our ancestors.

This contest has ended! See winners here.

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Welcome to our June 2015 Photo Competition!

This is our first competition on Artizan Made and we hope that it will become a regular event as it is fun and exciting to see how people interpret a theme.

Theme: Made by Hand

As our site is dedicated to promoting fine work that is made by hand, we thought it would be appropriate to start out with this idea. Get inspired by watching our Made by Hand video:


Photo Rules:

Your photo must have at least one hand in it and it must show something handmade. The hand does not need to be a real one. It can be the handmade part of the challenge. You are allowed to photoshop your image and make it into art. In other words, you can manipulate the photo in any way you want, but the story that is being told is about a hand and a handmade object.


  • Anyone is welcome to participate. Each participant can submit up to three photos.
  • You must have the right to the photos you post. (Ex: If you did not take the photo, you must have permission from the photographer to use it, unless you are using a copyright free image to manipulate a photo.)
  • We retain the right to delete any photo that is poorly done or inappropriate for a family audience.
  • After submitting the photo, it will be held for approval and then posted on this page.
  • Image size: 1200 pixels square, saved as a jpeg at 72 dpi.
  • There is a text field for a one liner when you submit. You can add more text to the image on Facebook once we post it there and then the winners will get a full paragraph and link on the Winner’s Page.
  • Submissions will be added to this album on our Facebook page: ArtizanMade  
  • Deadline for submissions:  June 28th  11PM Central US time



  • Anyone can vote by clicking on the heart on up to ten photos.
  • Help your favorites win by sharing their photos with your peeps.
  • Deadline for voting: June 28th  11PM Central US time
  • Winners: First, second and third places will be determined by the number of votes.
  • They will be posted on this page:  Photo Contest Winners





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  1. Author
    Rachel 3 years ago

    What an impressive selection! I love all of the diversity and creativity! Thanks to everyone who participated…


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