Handmade Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts!
11/18/2016 Rachel
Artizan Made handmade Christmas ornaments
Wassupbrothers Owl prince with the Christmas tree and Baa Baa sheep star,ornament, primitive folk art, home decor ,soft art creature by Wassupbrothers

Wassupbrothers Owl and Sheep Ornaments

I have a really fun collection of handmade Christmas ornaments that dates back to when I was a kid. Some I made, some are vintage finds, but most were given to me by friends. Each one has a memory attached of a time, a place and a person. It makes the whole season so much more meaningful when the decorations we use are hand made and can be passed down as heirlooms!

Ornaments really do make great gifts! I like to attach them to the top of my gift. I don’t use gift boxes or commercial wrapping paper anymore. Instead, I either use newspaper and decorate it with markers, brown bag paper (reverse it and draw on it!) or fabric, if I know the person likes to sew. I tie with twine, yarn or whatever else I have that seems fun and an ornament tops it off.

They are also perfect as gifts of appreciation when you are on a budget and want to give something nice, but want to stay under $20. Of course, there are many ornaments that cost more than that, but there are many hand made ones that have simple designs, yet lots of character and are in that range. More elaborate ones can cost up to $50, but I would consider them as collectibles. As a thank you to a teacher, your mail carrier, someone who helped you, wrapping one of the simpler ones in a fun way shows appreciation and thoughtfulness.

Ornaments that are not necessarily Christmas themed can be used all year round. Soft ones can hang on your car mirror, ceramic ones look great in the kitchen and bathroom, you can make mobiles out of them…  And, what I really love is that they are small reminders of the person who made them. They capture the style and use the materials we would expect to see in larger works by that person or group.

We have some beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments available through our Artizan Made shops! As you will see, they really do reflect the makers!

Ornament Gallery

Examples of other ornaments our shops carry:


Robot Ornaments by redhardwick!

Robot Ornaments by redhardwick!



Visit their shops:

Botanic2Ceramic,  Siamese Dream Design,  Carla TrujilloWoodissimo, Afghan Tribal Arts, Sue Canizares Ceramics, wassupbrothersClay Lick Creek Pottery, Yarndance and Nelsonwood.

And, here’s a tip: You can make anything small into an ornament! Just add a ribbon or some gold string and there you go! So, when you are shopping around, if you see something that is not labeled as an ornament, be proactive and do it yourself! 🙂


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Ornaments from our Artizan Market:

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