Our first Artizan Made video!

Our first Artizan Made video!
10/09/2014 Rachel
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We have our first Artizan Made video! The talented 80 Bug made us a song which will be our theme for this year. She has a beautiful voice and such a great spirit! She also makes her own things by hand, including some of the musical instruments she uses, so she knew exactly what we are about!


Check it out:


Maybe we can get her to add more verses down the road. It’s a catchy tune, don’t you think?

The most important thing is that it captures the spirit of our Artizan Made shops: the handmade process and all of the years of training that go into making these products. Although the video is short, I hope that it brings across the message that what we do is an essential part of our human history and that we should continue to do it. In order to make a living at it, we need our partners: the shoppers who don’t want everything to be the same, who value the time and effort and talent that goes into making a great product.

You can see all of our Artizan shops on our home page. Click on the thumbnails to see their portfolios and then follow their links.

Please share the video with your people and encourage them to come visit, too! Let’s make this a celebration of handmade!

Comments (5)

  1. ariane mariane 4 years ago

    AWESOME – love it. Thank you Rachel for the great job!

    • Author
      Rachel 4 years ago

      Thanks, Ariane! I wish I could have slowed down the images, but I had to make them fit the song. Glad you liked it!

  2. Cindy Richard 4 years ago

    Very cool. I really like it. Cindy

    • Author
      Rachel 4 years ago

      Awww, thank you, Cindy! You should join us! We need more quilters!

  3. Erika Hódi 4 years ago


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