Color Series: Shocking Purple Shag

Color Series: Shocking Purple Shag
11/12/2016 Rachel

Yes….  I know….  Shag has many meanings and I purposefully used it to see where it would land us with keyword searches. Looking for the steamier side of life? You’re in the wrong place! We’re looking at color here and in this post, some shag carpeting that has some shock value. 🙂

A Facebook friend posted a link to this house for sale in Hillingdon, Middlesex in the UK. From the outside, a beautiful, large, normal-looking house:

Hillingdon, Middlesex purple house front

purple house back

As you can tell from the featured image, walk inside and WOWZERS! Elvis hideout! Or, as a friend said, “Prince has been here…”  What really got me was the bathroom:

purple house bathroom

This is where the purple shag comes in…..  Furry porcelain just does not seem right in my book of sensibilities. There is much more on the site so make sure and go look at the rest of the pics!  Another friend once told me about a friend of his who went through a divorce because his wife refused to decorate with anything but blue. Seems pretty drastic, but color can do things to your psyche over time. Balancing a dominant color like purple with yellows, greens, and reds would create a completely different environment. Whoever did this house must have had fun, though. It’s carefully thought out, even if extreme.

I grew up in Brazil and when I was a kid, nobody would wear purple because it was associated with death and coffins. Yet, in many cultures, especially European history, purple was reserved for royalty. It was worn by Roman emperors and by bishops in the Roman Catholic Church. One of the most interesting sources of purple comes from the Murex snail, discovered by the Phoenicians around 1570 BC.

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts "The Purple Door"

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts “The Purple Door”

Cindy Grisdela‘s quilts are great studies in color and her “Purple Door” quilt makes for a perfect example for today’s color swatch. The one color absent from her quilt which I really love with purple is a bright red, so I added that in just because I can.

Color Swatch Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

What do you think about purple? Do you wear it? Have it on your walls? The first two colors in the color swatch are very close to the walls in a gallery that I had in Chicago, a deep eggplant matched with a soft creamy yellow. It was gorgeous! You can see the purple walls in this photo:

Dara Tribal Village

The purple house post thought a buyer might get a deep discount because of the decor. What do you think? Hate or love?

For those of you who love purple, our Artizan Shops have some goodies that might strike your fancy.  Here are some random beauties from our Market’s Purple Category:

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