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  • Nov192015
    Woodissimo Mákos Guba Recipe, a Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread Pudding

    Hungarian Mákos Guba- Poppy Seed Bread Pudding Recipe

    Kata Asmany shares her recipe for Mákos Guba, a Hungarian poppy seed recipe handed down to her from her father.…

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  • Nov192015
    winter white - artizan made christmas handmade

    Decorating for the Holidays with Handmade

    Decorating for the Holidays with handmade is great fun! Bring meaning and creativity into your home and enjoy a one-of-a-kind…

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  • Nov152015
    Celestial Photo Contest on Artizan Made

    November 2015 Photo Contest – Celestial

    Artizan Made's November 2015 photo contest has "Celestial" as the theme: sun, moon, stars or planets and something handmade. November…

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  • Oct142015
    Leaves Photo Contest on Artizan Made

    October 2015 Photo Contest- Leaves

    Artizan Made's October 2015 photo contest has "Leaves" as the theme. Photos must show a focus on leaves and something…

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  • Sep252015
    handmade mugs

    Start your day with a handmade mug!

    A handmade mug has character, individuality, helps save money, and gives personal satisfaction. Check out our Artizan Made selection!

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  • Sep142015
    Flowers Photo Contest Cover

    September 2015 Photo Contest- Flowers

    Artizan Made's monthly photo contest: Flowers! The competition starts September 15th and ends on the 22nd. Photo must have flowers…

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  • Sep102015
    handmade flower power

    Handmade Flower Power! Artizan Made floral designs.

    Remember when flowers meant peace and love? Our handmade flower power lives on today through our Artizan Made floral designs.…

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  • Aug142015
    Creatures Photo Contest Cover

    August 2015 Photo Contest: Creatures

    Artizan Made holds a monthly photo contest, each with a handmade theme. The August theme is "creatures". Show us your…

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  • Jul142015

    July 2015 Photo Contest: Window to the World

    Artizan Made holds a monthly photo contest that features a handmade theme. The July 2015 theme is "Window to the…

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  • Jun172015
    We are a group of Maya Mam women from the town of Cajolá in Guatemala. For us Maya, weaving has been a way for thousands of years to express our identity, our love of beauty and to relay the wisdom of our ancestors.

    June 2015 Photo Competition: Made by Hand

    June 2015 Photo Competition: Made by Hand - Our first photo contest! Submit your photos on this page: three images…

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  • May272015
    Hot Moon Collection Feature

    Hot Moon Collection Travels the World

    Gabrielle Ruvolo, or Gaby, tells a bit of her story and what she loves about running the Hot Moon Collection,…

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  • Nov222014
    Paper Doll Fashion Show

    Artizan Made’s Holiday Paper Doll Fashion Show

    Artizan Made's Holiday Paper Doll Fashion Show gives a fun way to see how our handmade clothing, accessories and jewelry…

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  • Nov142014
    Artizan Made video - Objects

    Artizan Made Video: Objects

    In our second Artizan Made video, Objects, we feature our hands holding an object, set to the song written for…

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  • Oct092014
    Cover for Artizan Made video

    Our first Artizan Made video!

    We have our first Artizan Made video! The talented 80 Bug made us a song which will be our theme for this year. She has a beautiful voice and such a great spirit! She also makes her own things by hand, including some of the musical instruments she uses, so she knew exactly what we are about!


    Check it out:


    Maybe we can get her to add more verses down the road. It’s a catchy tune, don’t you think?

    The most important thing is that it captures the spirit of our Artizan Made shops: the handmade process and all of the years of training that go into making these products. Although the video is short, I hope that it brings across the message that what we do is an essential part of our human history and that we should continue to do it. In order to make a living at it, we need our partners: the shoppers who don’t want everything to be the same, who value the time and effort and talent that goes into making a great product.

    You can see all of our Artizan shops on our home page. Click on the thumbnails to see their portfolios and then follow their links.

    Please share the video with your people and encourage them to come visit, too! Let’s make this a celebration of handmade!

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  • Oct012014
    redhardwick featured robot assemblage

    Meet redhardwick! Everybody needs a robot, right?

    Jen Hardwick shares some of her path towards assemblage. She thought she would be a painter, but found that bits…

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  • Sep172014
    AllThingsPretty - Artizan Made Feature

    Interview with Debra Dorgan of AllThingsPretty, Shining Brightly Down Under…

    We feature an interview with Debra Dorgan of AllThingsPretty where she shares a peek into her life in Australia. Debra…

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  • Sep162014
    Gilgulim fabric jewelry from Israel

    Gilgulim: Fabric Jewelry from Israel

    Hagar Arnon Elbaz, an Israeli artist living in Jerusalem, rolls fabric to create beads for her fabric jewelry. Gilgulim is…

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  • Sep132014
    Brenda Abdullah

    Brenda Abdullah Designs: Texture and Color

    Chicago artist, Brenda Abdullah, shares her story of how she came into fashion design and re-purposing used garments into new…

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  • Sep092014

    Get to know Chuck Domitrovich of Down To The Wire!

    Washington artist Chuck Domitrovich of Down To The Wire Designs shares a bit about himself in this Artizan interview. He…

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  • Sep062014
    Mariposa handwovens featured image

    New Beginnings for Mariposa Handwovens!

    Mariposa Handwovens made a big move from Illinois to Arizona in 2014. Check out the new digs and upcoming plans…

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  • Sep022014

    The Jewel Behind Lilygirl Original Wearable Art

    Alabama artist, A. Denise Rollings-Martin, is the true jewel behind Lilygirl Original Wearable Art! Her work is vibrant and stunning,…

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  • Sep012014

    Hot items for the New Year

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus posuere mattis ligula id consectetur. Nullam pellentesque blandit dolor, eleifend rhoncus…

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  • Aug202014

    Pie Iron Sandwiches Recipe from LoomOnTheLake

    Pie Iron Sandwiches Recipe, LoomOnTheLake- Our talented New York weaver, Lynn, takes us out on a boat and roasts sandwiches…

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  • Aug132014
    Aiko owl textile doll , soft art stuffed creature toy by Wassupbrothers.

    Back to School with Handmade!

    Our Artizan Made shops have wonderful handmade clothes, bags, shoes, and so much more that can be used for back…

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  • Jul022014

    Using Ceramic Weights in Food Fermentation by Tamarack Stoneware

    Leslie Nieves of Tamarack Stoneware shares how she uses ceramic weights in food fermentation. She makes and sells the weights…

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  • Jun262014
    Inese Liepina at TEDxRiga 2013

    Get Out of the Box, Latvia: Inese Liepina at TEDxRiga 2013

    Inese Liepina shares how she has used art to live "outside of the box". She encourages all of us to…

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  • Jun122014
    Rayela Art Juicing Tips

    Juicing Tips from Rayela Art

    Energize yourself by juicing vegetables and fruits! Rachel shares her juicing tips along with videos by Joe Cross (Fat, Sick…

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  • Jun082014

    June Birthstone: Pearl and Moonstone

    We look at the history of pearls as the June birthstone, along with moonstones. Elizabeth Taylor's La Peregrina shines as…

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  • Jun042014
    Kiln House Pottery - Shrimp Ceviche

    Artizan Recipe: Shrimp Ceviche

    Aaron of Kiln House Pottery shares his recipe for shrimp ceviche, a favorite of theirs in their California home. Served…

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  • May082014
    Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

    Handmade Studios and Workspaces

    Catch a glimpse of the handmade studios and work spaces of our Artizan Made shops. See how textiles, ceramics, wood,…

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  • Apr192014
    Artizan Made Brooch collage

    The Brooch is back! Brighten up your outfit with a handmade pin.

    A favorite adornment in Hollywood, British Royalty and for First Ladies, the brooch makes a comeback in the handmade community.

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  • Apr112014
    cindyrella wedding dress something else studio

    Getting married? Have a Handmade Wedding!

    A handmade wedding is an opportunity to personalize your big day! Find some great ideas from our Artizan Made Shops!

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  • Mar052014
    teal kitchen

    Color Series: The Teal Kitchen

    Think outside of the box when decorating your kitchen. Find complementary colors for your teal kitchen, accessorize with ceramics, textiles…

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  • Feb242014
    Castilleja Cotton Video

    Video: Chatting With Diane McGregor of Castilleja Cotton

    Kim Jamieson-Hirst of Chatterbox Quilts chats with Diane McGregor of Castilleja Cotton about her quilting designs and passion for art quilts:

    Click on the items below to visit Castilleja Cotton on Etsy. If you right click and open a new tab, you can continue to explore Artizan Made on this page.

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  • Feb122014
    Bazaar Bayar Green Carpet

    Color Series: Green for Growth

    The color green explored: its meaning in different countries while linking to resources that have information on culture, history, and…

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  • Feb112014
    Abdul Wardak

    “Castle of Dreams” by Poet Abdul Wardak

    Poet Abdul Wardak from Afghanistan writes about being a ghost in an unknown dream. See the poem illustrated by our…

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