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  • Jannelle and Joe of Something Else Studio

    Something Else Studio

    Jannelle Olmstead and Joe Guarnere of Something Else Studio combine their sewing and woodworking skills to create great products that…

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  • 2016 July Photo Contest – Green

    Artizan Made holds a monthly photo contest featuring handmade plus a theme. Green is July's theme and all are welcome…

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  • Wrapture-by-Inese-cafe-knitted-wrap
  • Karen L Howard - Mermaids, Mother And Child

    Artizan Made Gifts for the Mother in Your Life

    Find some great handmade gifts for the mother in your life and check out some of our Artizan Made mothers!

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  • 2016 March Photo Contest – Blue

    Our March handmade photo contest features the color blue. Contest starts on March 15th and ends March 22nd. All are…

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  • February 2016 Photo Contest – Red

    Artizan Made's February 2016 Photo Contest has a handmade theme with a red focus. Dominant color in the image needs…

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  • Valentine-Love-Poem-cover vintage afghan embroidery chain stitch on silk

    ‘You Called”, a Love Poem by Abdul Wardak

    Abdul Wardak's love poem inspires this Valentine's Day collection of handmade ceramics, jewelry, garments, and home decor!

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  • vanilla grown in mexico

    Spices in the air: Totonac Vanilla Inspiration

    Totonac vanilla originated in Mexico, still a large producer of the spice. Vanilla comes from the pods of a beautiful…

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  • Artizan-Made-White-Photo-Contest-Featured-Image

    January 2016 Photo Contest – White

    Artizan Made's monthly photo contest features white + handmade as the January 2016 theme. All are welcome to participate! Submit…

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  • Editing-your-photos for catalog photography for aritsts

    Catalog Photography: Creating Your Brand Online

    Learning how create great catalog photography is essential in developing your brand as an artist, maker or seller. Some tips…

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  • quentao recipe- handmade wine inspired gifts Artizan Made

    Hot Mulled Wine and Dreamers and Makers

    A story of a man who didn't think he would sing and another who built a theater out in the…

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  • Artizan Made Thanksgiving wood turned bowls

    Imagine: A Thanksgiving Wish from Artizan Made

    Artizan Made wishes everyone a Thanksgiving of peace. We find inspiration in John Lennon's song, Imagine, Playing for Change and…

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  • Artizan Hombre - gifts for men

    Artizan Hombre: Handmade Style for Men

    From sleek to rugged, our Artizan shops have great handmade products for men, decorative along with wearables. Check out our…

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  • Siamese Dream Design girl in handmade dress and green embroidered textile

    Artizan Kids: Handmade Gifts for Children

    Expose the children in your life to a rich life of handmade style! Cute cuddly toys, decorative art for walls…

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  • Woodissimo Mákos Guba Recipe, a Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread Pudding

    Hungarian Mákos Guba- Poppy Seed Bread Pudding Recipe

    Kata Asmany shares her recipe for Mákos Guba, a Hungarian poppy seed recipe handed down to her from her father.…

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  • winter white - artizan made christmas handmade

    Decorating for the Holidays with Handmade

    Decorating for the Holidays with handmade is great fun! Bring meaning and creativity into your home and enjoy a one-of-a-kind…

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  • Celestial Photo Contest on Artizan Made

    November 2015 Photo Contest – Celestial

    Artizan Made's November 2015 photo contest has "Celestial" as the theme: sun, moon, stars or planets and something handmade. November…

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  • Leaves Photo Contest on Artizan Made

    October 2015 Photo Contest- Leaves

    Artizan Made's October 2015 photo contest has "Leaves" as the theme. Photos must show a focus on leaves and something…

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  • handmade mugs

    Start your day with a handmade mug!

    A handmade mug has character, individuality, helps save money, and gives personal satisfaction. Check out our Artizan Made selection!

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  • Flowers Photo Contest Cover

    September 2015 Photo Contest- Flowers

    Artizan Made's monthly photo contest: Flowers! The competition starts September 15th and ends on the 22nd. Photo must have flowers…

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  • handmade flower power

    Handmade Flower Power! Artizan Made floral designs.

    Remember when flowers meant peace and love? Our handmade flower power lives on today through our Artizan Made floral designs.…

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  • Creatures Photo Contest Cover

    August 2015 Photo Contest: Creatures

    Artizan Made holds a monthly photo contest, each with a handmade theme. The August theme is "creatures". Show us your…

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  • July 2015 Photo Contest: Window to the World

    Artizan Made holds a monthly photo contest that features a handmade theme. The July 2015 theme is "Window to the…

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  • We are a group of Maya Mam women from the town of Cajolá in Guatemala. For us Maya, weaving has been a way for thousands of years to express our identity, our love of beauty and to relay the wisdom of our ancestors.

    June 2015 Photo Competition: Made by Hand

    June 2015 Photo Competition: Made by Hand - Our first photo contest! Submit your photos on this page: three images…

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