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  • All Creatures Great and Small Cover

    All Creatures Great and Small

    Inspired by the James Herriot series, "All Creatures Great and Small", Rachel Biel shares her love of animals as a…

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  • Kiln House Pottery Sandy Kreyer Ceramic Planters

    Handmade Garden and Patio Accessories with Soul!

    Spice up your outdoors with handmade garden and patio accessories: hammocks, ceramic bird feeders and tile!

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  • Cochineal Red: Elusive and Powerful!

    Cochineal Red: Two books introduce us to the history of colors, especially red. We feature Artizan shops with red handmade…

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  • Handmade jewelry on Artizan Made

    Handmade Jewelry: Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day!

    Our Artizan Shops offer a wide variety of handmade jewelry in many price points. From fabric and felt to collectible…

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  • Handmade scarves on Artizan Made

    The Handmade Scarf, Most Versatile of Textiles

    Scarves have been used throughout history. We feature some of our Artizan Made shops, confident that a handmade scarf will…

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  • Christmas Tree history

    Christmas Tree History and Other Traditions

    How did Christmas trees become a part of our celebration? Check out some Christmas Tree History and enjoy our Tannenbaum…

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  • Gifts-under-30-featured-image

    Handmade Gifts Under $30: Home, Office, Body and Supplies

    Find handmade gifts under $30 in our Artizan Made shops! Gifts for the home, wearables, jewelry, for guys, decorative and…

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  • Siamese Dream Design Vegan Shoes

    A Holiday Dinner with Artistic Friends

    A holiday dinner at a friend's house, enjoying the decor, the company, the music and the good taste. The house,…

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  • Winter Blues? Perk up your day with warm handmade wool.

    Warm your Winter days with handmade scarves, hats, gloves and decorate your home with blankets and rugs!

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  • Artizan Made handmade Christmas ornaments

    Handmade Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts!

    Handmade Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts! Ceramic, fabric, beeswax and mixed media are a few examples shown of ornaments from…

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  • Color Series: Shocking Purple Shag

    We visit a house in the UK for our color series: shocking purple shag! Then, add a color swatch to…

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  • Hot Moon Collection pillows

    Decorating with Handmade Pillows

    Our Artizan Shops bring you a wonderful selection of handmade pillows! Find out some of benefits and challenges of decorating…

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  • Day of the Dead feature by Steel Goat Studio

    Steel Goat Studio Celebrates the Day of the Dead

    Debra Boudreau of Steel Goat Studio shares her enthusiasm for the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that has…

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  • Hats on Artizan Made

    The Handmade Hat- History and Style

    The Handmade Hat- History and Style feature looks at hats from around the world and then shows off our Artizan…

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  • Weaving feature on Artizan Made

    Worlds of Weaving- from Scotland to the United States and on to Guatemala

    Artizan Made members introduce us to their worlds of weaving: Cally Booker, Shuttle Works Studio, Lin Bentley Keeling and Mayamam…

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  • 1980 Brazilian Hipie Fair, Puppets- Photo by Rachel Biel

    Art Dolls and Creatures- The Handmade Spirit

    Art Dolls and Creatures are so fun! Check out the variety offered by our Artizan Made members: clay, cloth, felt,…

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  • Have a Handmade Tea Party!

    Have a Handmade Tea Party! Get a bit of history about tea and then give you some great ideas of…

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  • Wood feature on Artizan Made

    Handcrafted Wood: Contemporary Art and Historical Objects

    We take a look at three types of handcrafted wood uses found on Artizan Made: contemporary work, recycled use and…

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  • redhardwick assemblage fish

    The Value of Recycling in our Handmade Community

    Artizan Made takes a look at the importance of recycling in our handmade community and what the impact is on…

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  • Quilted technique on Artizan Made

    Art Quilts for Home or Office, Textile Heaven!

    Meet our art quilters on Artizan Made! As works of art, grace and elegance make any of these art quilts…

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  • Handmade Jewelry- The Art of Personal Adornment

    Handmade jewelry offers individuality and expression, giving the art of personal adornment more range than commercial options. Meet our jewelry…

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  • HEra Made mandela vest

    Symbolism of Circles in Arts and Crafts

    The arts and crafts handed down through our history often make reference to the symbolism of circles and other geometric…

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  • Cheryl Wolff black pears

    A Love Affair with Clay: Challenges and Victories

    Rachel Biel talks about her love affair with clay and how challenging it is to succeed as a ceramic artist.…

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  • Artizan closet handmade clothing and accessories