Explore our Artizan Shops! We are a collective of handmade shops. The banners below link directly to our shop sites and the thumbnails below the banner are portals to their shop profiles. Click on them to learn more about each shop. The tags tell you what other categories are carried in that shop. Individual products are found in our Features. Find handmade garments and accessories, decorate your home with art quilts, handmade pillows, vessels and tribal artifacts. Brand yourself with eco-fashion and have fun with expressive jewelry! From contemporary high craft to vintage tribal artifacts, our shops embrace the world with respect and a love for quality.

  • Hot Moon Collection

    Venice, California (USA) global gallery of contemporary and antique finds.

    Hot Moon Collection
  • Wrapture by Inese

    Garments, accessories, and patterns by knitwear designer Inese Liepina in Latvia.

    Wrapture by Inese
  • Something Else Studio

    Renaissance inspired bags, costumes and home decor.

    Something Else Studio
  • Ariane Mariane

    Felt artist in Paris: sculptural accessories, reversible vests, and much more!

    Ariane Mariane
  • Siamese Dream Design

    Footware, garments, bags, and home accents made from vintage Hill Tribe textiles, Thailand.

    Siamese Dream Design
  • Oshiwa Designs

    Fair trade textile stamps from Namibia.

    Oshiwa Designs
  • Nestle and Soar

    Felt pillows and wall art by Georgianne Holland, inspired by trees, birds and folk art.

    Nestle and Soar
  • Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

    Vibrant wall art and home decor from Virginia, USA.

    Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts
  • Brenda Abdullah Designs

    Eco-fashion garments and accessories made with upcycled sweaters from Chicago.

    Brenda Abdullah Designs
  • African Threads

    Supporting women's groups in South Africa through embroidery.

    African Threads
  • LoomOnTheLake

    Handwoven scarves and home accessories inspired by nature and music.

  • Gilgulim

    Fabric jewelry and beads made by Israeli artist, Hagar Arnon Elbaz.

  • Dianne Koppisch Hricko

    Hand dyed silks and other luxury fabrics made into accessories and garments.

    Dianne Koppisch Hricko
  • Colin's Creatures

    Porcelain sheep and other animals by Asheville artist, Colin Richmond.

    Colin's Creatures
  • delightworthyn ART/wares

    Upcycled hats, garments, and other accessories with a curtsy to historical fashion.

    delightworthyn ART/wares
  • Afghan Tribal Arts

    Vintage textiles and artifacts, hand carved stone beads, tribal jewelry and carpets.

    Afghan Tribal Arts
  • Atelier Iona Loyola

    Nuno felted scarves and garments from New York.

    Atelier Iona Loyola
  • AllThingsPretty

    Boho fashion and home decor made from upcycled textiles.

  • Castilleja Cotton

    Art quilts and over 500 patterns by Diane McGregor and family.

    Castilleja Cotton
  • CherScapes

    Hand dyed fabrics, garments, and accessories.

  • Rayela Art

    Vintage textiles, supplies and stitched works by Rachel Biel.

    Rayela Art
  • Happy Clay

    Inspired by New Orleans, influenced by the world, and crafted by hand, happy clay is the outflow of artisan Niki Buckley Crosby.

    Happy Clay
  • Cheryl Wolff Ceramics

    Stoneware and Porcelain Handmade in California

    Cheryl Wolff Ceramics
  • Mariposa Handwovens

    Handwoven shawls and scarves.

    Mariposa Handwovens
  • Paula Art

    Industrial Home Decor made from found objects.

    Paula Art
  • DharmaKarmaArts

    India inspired art, decor, jewelry and accessories.

  • Lilygirl Original Wearable Art

    One of a kind Jewelry Art in Sterling Silver, natural gemstones, freshwater pearls and fossils handmade by A. Denise Rollings-Martin.

    Lilygirl Original Wearable Art
  • VEpottery

    Contemporary pottery by Eric Van Eimeren.

  • Jan Fairhurst Pottery

    Graceful, functional stoneware handmade in New York.

    Jan Fairhurst Pottery
  • Vaasvara Jewelry

    Exquisite and organically designed jewelry with an ethnic flair, handmade in California.

    Vaasvara Jewelry
  • Prairie Mile Tile

    High fire tiles ready for installation by Nebraska artist Su Harvey.

    Prairie Mile Tile
  • Hammock Boutique

    Mayan Hammocks with an impact! Fair trade from Yucatán, Mexico.

    Hammock Boutique
  • Affaires Nomades

    Handmade linen pillows and home textiles by Fumika Dubois. Paris, France.

    Affaires Nomades
  • HEraMade

    Unique, romantic, free form hand crocheted and hand painted clothing and accessories.

  • Jen Hardwick/redhardwick~Mixed Media

    Art that makes you smile! Assemblage pieces using a combination of new and recycled materials.

    Jen Hardwick/redhardwick~Mixed Media
  • Anarina Anar

    Polymer clay jewelry and objects from Greece.

    Anarina Anar
  • Kasia Urban Rybska

    Minimalist rebel embroiderer from Poland using the needlepoint technique.

    Kasia Urban Rybska
  • Sue Canizares Ceramics

    Richly decorated fine arts ceramics from New York, USA.

    Sue Canizares Ceramics
  • Woodissimo

    Wooden music boxes by Kata Asmany, Hungary.

  • Woodissimo Katalin Asmany

    Kata Asmany of Woodissimo

    “When you make each piece one by one and you give it absolute focus, you will become the creation yourself.”

  • Sue Canizares and her goat.

    Sue Canizares Ceramics

    Happily for me, the handmade tradition is in full revival and modern technology allows us to virtually travel the globe in a search for unique and well-designed craft – things worth keeping and enjoying forever.      Visit Sue Canizares Ceramics on Etsy

  • Kasia Urban Rybska

    Kasia Urban Rybska

    I use this old needlepoint technique, which involves extremely laborious, patient and precise covering of canvas with stitches to indulge my modern, simple, funny, indulgent and hipster fantasies.

  • Anarina Anar Angeliki headshot

    Angeliki Karamanlaki of Anarina Anar

    “Something handmade is created with love and always has something of the creator’s soul…For me, creating is like an oasis, a refuge from everyday problems, a necessity.”

  • Jen Hardwick

    Jen Hardwick of redhardwick

    “Handmade means a part of my soul goes into each piece I make. I can take materials that have been discarded and forgotten and breathe new life into them. ”

  • HEraMade portrait


    My HEraMade textiles are made with love, soul and heart to help all of us live in harmony in today’s hectic world. During the long time of making the handmade pieces, each one of them becomes filled with thoughts, ideas and soul.

  • Affaires Nomades Fumika Dubois

    Fumika Dubois of Affaires Nomades

    “The creative process which is close and intimate to the source of its materials brings warmth for both the creator and the customer. It moves us closer to what is essential in life.”

  • Hammock Boutique - Josefina Urzaiz

    Josefina Urzaiz of Hammock Boutique

    “Handmade or magic hands mean tradition, creativity and the result is something with soul.”

  • Dsenyo Marissa square

    Marissa Perry Saints of Dsenyo

    “Handmade transforms a mere object into something meaningful.  It becomes more than just another thing in our overly materialized world.  It becomes a messenger with a story that can transform lives into something more beautiful. ”

  • Jan Fairhurst Pottery portrait

    Jan Fairhurst Pottery

    “Handmade means the excitement and satisfaction I receive knowing a buyer loves the product they purchased.”


  • Meenu Devrani of Vaasvara Jewelry

    Meenu Devrani of Vaasvara Jewelry

    Handmade to me is slowing down, appreciating more, using all resources responsibly and understanding the interdependence of all things and beings. I am captivated by the possibilities of transforming metals, wire and gemstones into something exquisite and inspiring for many.

  • VEpottery eric-van-eimeren-pic

    Eric Van Eimeren of VEpottery

    “I am happiest when making things, and happier still when strangers tell me that my mug is the one they reach for every morning.”

  • Lilygirl A. Denise Rollings-Martin

    A. Denise Rollings-Martin of Lilygirl Original Wearable Art

    “To me, handmade means that this item was made with extraordinary care by an artisan; it means completely losing track of the time as I hammer out and manipulate the Sterling to fit the vision in my head; it means cutting, re-cutting, shaping, buffing and polishing a stone; it means becoming intimately involved with the piece I am creating.”

  • Indira Govindan

    Indira Govindan of DharmaKarmaArts

    ” Creating with hands is a meditative and transcendent experience for me. Every time I make something with my hands I am born anew.”

  • Mariposa Handwovens -Vicki Hedrick

    Vicki Hedrick of Mariposa Handwovens

    “There is a special joy in knowing that I can take an age-old craft and, through my choice of colors, fibers and weave structure, produce a fabric that expresses my visions of beauty and functionality. My heart and soul go into all that I make.”

  • Paula Art Puzzle Head square

    Paula Art

    “Giving new life to discarded found objects is what its all about! Handmade objects have that added energy and good juju that doesn’t exist in manufactured goods.”


  • Cheryl Wolff Ceramics

    Cheryl Wolff Ceramics

    “Handmade creates a connection between the maker and the user. When I make something, it’s made not just with my hands; my heart is in it, too.”   Visit Cheryl Wolff Ceramics on Etsy

  • Gilgulim - Hagar Arnon Elbaz cropped

    Hagar Arnon Elbaz of Gilgulim

    “A handmade item starts preferably by an original design and made into something real by searching materials, touching textures, choosing colors and actually manufacturing the perfect final product by ourselves. Creating a handmade item is an artistic journey and handmade items carry with them our very personal touch and love.”    Gilgulim Shop on Etsy

  • Delight Worthyn

    Delight Worthyn of delightworthyn ART/wares

    “Handmade means workmanship and attention to detail. I strive to make pieces that are beautiful and that just happen to be recycled.”

  • Cindy Grisdela

    Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

    “Creating with fabric and thread makes my heart sing–the color and line of the design in fabric enhanced with texture in the stitching lines is endlessly fascinating. I look forward to my time in the studio each day because there’s always something new to explore and to share with others.”

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