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Artizan: Made by Hand is a collective of shops offering fine, carefully curated handmade products focused on home decór and eco-fashion. We invite you to connect with our shop owners and support handmade!

Down To The Wire Designs

Bridal, Jewelry, Metal

Chuck Domitrovich offers a great selection of wedding rings and jewelry in his Down to the Wire shop on Etsy. He also works closely with customers on commissioned work. Chuck has collaborated with other artists and develops designs for wearable art on a consistent basis.

Ceci Capen Clay Studio

Ceramics, Home Decor, Office

Ceci Capen Clay Studio is located in Central Oregon, focusing on functional pottery that has earthy ties to nature and Hawaii.

Sir Raffles Art History

Home Decor, Jewelry, Metal, Sculptural, Tribal, Vintage, Wall Art, Wood

Sir Raffles Art History reflects a deep interest in Colonial and tribal art from Europe and Asia, currently focused on old, hand carved Santos.

Prairie Mile Tile

Ceramics, Garden, Home Decor, Sculptural, Supplies, Wall Art

Su Harvey creates timeless tiles in her Prairie Mile Tile studio in Nebraska. Her work, inspired by nature, can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Dianne Koppisch Hricko

Accessories, Garments, Textiles

Philadelphia artist, Dianne Koppisch Hricko, transforms silks and other luxurious fabrics using various surface design techniques. Her scarves and garments have a modern, contemporary appeal.

Morgen Bardati

Accessories, Home Decor, Jewelry, Office, Textiles

Morgen Bardati's surface designed textiles reflect her deep love for the natural world and are often inspired by the beautiful mountainous Kootenay region of Canada where she lives. Using layers of hand dyeing and printing techniques on cloth she creates wearable art, housewares and small art objects. Morgen always uses natural fibre cloth and much of her work is dyed with natural plant dyes.

Something Else Studio

Accessories, Bridal, Garments, Textiles, Wood

Jannelle Olmstead's sturdy wearable art tapestry and canvas shoulder bags and pockets, fur trimmed cloaklets, lace Collars and Fancy Crowns are all designed to add that delightful extra accent to any attire. They are her own copyright designs for Something Else Studio, inspired by historical medieval and renaissance items, yet given to her interpretation and imagination.

Oshiwa Designs

Fair Trade, Supplies, Tribal, Wood

The Oshiwa Designs stamps are available individually or in sets. Prices have been figured by the square inch and the sets end up being about 15% cheaper than buying one by one. These textile stamps are perfect tools for surface design. Use on fabric or paper and imprint into clay, soap and even cookie dough!

Hammock Boutique

Fair Trade, Furniture, Garden, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Textiles, Wood

Hammock Boutique is a socially responsible organization committed to the sustainable development of indigenous Mayans in Mexico.


Home Decor, Office, Wood

The Woodissimo music boxes are handmade by Kata Asmany in Hungary. They are made with a fretsaw and play classical tunes. Relax your mind...

Cheryl Wolff Ceramics

Bridal, Ceramics, Garden, Home Decor, Office, Sculptural

Cheryl Wolff Ceramics, Stoneware and Porcelain Handmade in California: Everything I create is handcrafted in my home studio in Northern California where I am surrounded by redwood trees, nature and wildlife, all of which have influenced me in designing simple, elegant pieces for the home and table.


Ceramics, Home Decor, Office, Supplies, Textiles

Pam Marwede of PamDesign paints on fabric, pottery, furniture, floorcloths and other surfaces, using bold, colorful Mediterranean inspiration. She has worked closely with interior designers in Florida in a variety of home decor projects.

Siamese Dream Design

Accessories, Embroidery, Garments, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Office, Recycled, Textiles, Tribal, Vintage

Located in Thailand, Siamese Dream Design recycles vintage Hilltribe textiles into shoes, garments, and home decor items. Siamese Dream Design has a wide selection of footwear, beautiful home accents, and garments for adults and children.

Jen Hardwick Mixed Media

Home Decor, Metal, Office, Recycled, Sculptural, Wall Art, Wood

Based in Seattle, Washington (USA), Jen Hardwick Mixed Media brings new and recycled materials to life through her assemblage art. Robots, crows, owls and other creatures are favorite themes for both the wall and as wearable art. Visit her shop on Etsy and you will surely smile!

Sandy Kreyer Pottery

Bridal, Ceramics, Home Decor, Office, Wall Art

Sandy Kreyer Pottery's distinctive floral designs add elegance and charm to any setting. Food safe and functional, Sandy's plates, mugs, vases and other work make great wedding and housewarming gifts!

Pea Pickle Farm

Candles, Home Decor, Office, Sculptural

Leslie Allen of Pea Pickle Farm makes natural candles from raw beeswax sourced in Michigan and Wisconsin. She sells through her shop on Etsy.

PRI Fabrics and Beads

Accessories, Beadwork, Jewelry

Lina Sofía lives in Miami, Florida, while her aunt, Lavinia, is in Cali, Colombia and collaborate creating jewelry for their shop, PRI Fabrics and Beads.

Jan Fairhurst Pottery

Bridal, Ceramics, Home Decor

Thrown on a kick-wheel in Central New York State, Jan Fairhurst Pottery finds inspiration in the local landscape and in graceful lines.

Castilleja Cotton

Home Decor, Supplies, Textiles, Wall Art

Based in Calgary, Canada, Castilleja Cotton is a family business with Diane’s sister Colleen Kennedy contributing many of the designs and Diane’s husband Don McGregor contributing photographs and some of his own designs. All of quilts are made using a regular sewing machine. They do all of our own designs. They currently have over 500 quilt patterns.

Mardell Rampton Textile Paintings

Home Decor, Textiles, Wall Art

Canadian artist Mardell Rampton explores various themes in her textile paintings by slicing hundreds of fabric pieces and re-assembling them into a visual narrative. Her art quilts often use hand dyed fabric and show intense stitching.

Tija Crochet

Accessories, Garments, Home Decor, Textiles

Tija Crochet developed her own tapestry crochet technique which she uses to create garments and accessories. Her designs are influenced by Latvia's nature.


Bridal, Ceramics, Garden, Home Decor, Office, Sculptural, Wall Art

"Inspired by Nature" is how Sue Capillo of Botanic2Ceramic describes the core of her pottery business. Based in Evanston, Illinois, she was exposed to clay at a young age by her artist mother. Sue's shop on Etsy is alive with frogs, flowers, leaves, vines and other nature themes, all rendered in clay and mostly functional.

Hot Moon Collection

Accessories, Baskets, Beadwork, Ceramics, Furniture, Garden, Garments, Glass, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Jewelry, Metal, Office, Sculptural, Textiles, Tribal, Vintage, Wall Art, Wood

Hot Moon Collection grew out of travels around the world and years of collecting. It houses a diverse ethnic art collection, timeless antiques, exotic vintage textiles, and small unique treasures.

Elliott Glass Art

Bridal, Glass, Home Decor, Office

Elliott Glass Art specializes in hand blown glass vessels and paperweights made by artist Jeffrey Elliott of Pleasanton, California. Great office party and bridal gifts!

Clay Lick Creek Pottery

Ceramics, Home Decor, Office, Wall Art

Clay Lick Creek Pottery bears the name of a creek that flows through Karen Fiorino's property in Illinois, USA. Her majolica designs are inspired by nature and by the critters living in the forest and in her home. Vibrant colors and a fun sense of humor shape her signature designs for her bowls, mugs and yarn bowls.

delightworthyn ART/wares

Accessories, Bridal, Garments, Jewelry, Recycled

Delight Worthyn introduces a historical flair into the hats, garments, jewelry and accessory that she creates from recycled materials. delightworthyn ART/wares

The Loaded Trunk

Accessories, Baskets, Ceramics, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Metal, Office, Recycled, Sculptural, Textiles, Tribal, Vintage, Wall Art, Wood

The Loaded Trunk embodies Roni Jaco's approach to life: rich artistic tradition, creativity and craftsmanship. She travels the world looking for the best handmade vintage finds as well as new work by contemporary artisans.

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Accessories, Art Quilts, Home Decor, Office, Textiles, Wall Art

Cindy Grisdela lives in Reston, Virginia, USA, and often participates in juried summer festivals. Check with her on upcoming shows.

Afghan Tribal Arts

Accessories, Beadwork, Garments, Home Decor, Jewelry, Metal, Supplies, Textiles, Tribal, Vintage, Wall Art, Wood

Afghan Tribal Arts imports textiles, beads, carpets and artifacts from Afghanistan. Abdul Wardak travels a show route between Wisconsin and Florida.

Brenda Abdullah Designs

Accessories, Garments, Recycled, Textiles

Chicago artist, Brenda Abdullah, brings her passion for color and design to an environmentally friendly line of clothing and accessories which have been repurposed from sweaters and other garments.

Mariposa Handwovens

Accessories, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Textiles

Arizona artist, Vicki Hedrick of Mariposa Handwovens, weaves beautiful scarves using luxury threads. Her business name, Mariposa, means butterfly in Spanish. She chose it after witnessing one emerge from its chrysallis and fly off into the new world.


Accessories, Beadwork, Embroidery, Fair Trade, Garments, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Jewelry, Recycled, Supplies, Textiles, Tribal, Vintage

Fairlyworn uses ethnic vintage textiles and fairly produced materials to create colourful, exotic and one-of-a-kind handbags and home accessories.

Wrapture by Inese

Accessories, Bridal, Garments, Recycled, Supplies, Textiles

Based in Riga, Latvia, Inese Liepins or Wrapture by Inese, comes from a varied background skilled in the design industry and other craft traditions like glass blowing. Her garments and accessories are made with recycled yarns. Soft and luxurious, she has also made the yarns available to those who want to knit up their own designs!

Color Creek Fiber Art

Accessories, Garments, Textiles

Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, Color Creek Fiber Art is known for its artistic fabric designs for interior spaces, show garments and art-to-wear. The Color Creek website has a large selection of hand dyed garments and accessories, all designed by artist Mary Hertert!


Accessories, Beadwork, Bridal, Embroidery, Garments, Home Decor, Jewelry, Recycled, Textiles, Wall Art

Debra Dorgan of AllThingsPretty lives in Brisbane, Australia, and loves to give new life to old textiles and other things that she finds along the way. Her style is that of a Boho romantic with tribal overtones. A magpie would go crazy with delight in her studio!

Happy Clay

Bridal, Candles, Ceramics, Home Decor, Office

Niki Buckley Crosby has carved happiness out for herself and others after surviving Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and rebuilding her life. Photographer, web designer and mother, her love of life shines in her Happy Clay.

Gone Rustic Studio + Gallery

Accessories, Bridal, Garments, Home Decor, Jewelry, Office, Recycled, Textiles, Vintage, Wall Art

Rita Summers of Gone Rustic Studio + Gallery finds great inspiration in working with textile techniques, especially eco dyeing. Her garments are feminine and soft, while her quilts tend towards bold color schemes and designs. Her work is open to the public through the gallery, located in St Marys, Tasmania, Australia.

Bonny Claith by Cally Booker

Accessories, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Office, Textiles

Cally Booker weaves her bonny claith (beautiful cloth) in Dundee, Scotland. Inspired by its history and urban landscape, she has created a woven signature.

Razu Mikhina

Accessories, Bridal, Embroidery, Garments, Jewelry

Razu Mikhina is a Russian Fashion Label created by designer Daria Razumikhina. Daria's inspiration is rooted in folk costumes made for contemporary use. Garments are made to order and ship from London to the world.

August Phoenix Hats

Accessories, Embroidery, Recycled, Textiles, Tribal

Heather Daveno of August Phoenix Hats works out of her studio in Seattle, Washington, USA. She describes her method: "I craft my hats from textiles and found objects that I glean from thrift stores, rummage sales, and other people’s cast-offs, using tools handed down to me from my grandmothers. Many of my hat patterns, embroidery stitches and techniques date back several centuries. Working with “old timey” tools, techniques and textiles gives me a sense of reclaiming history, while giving a contemporary use to previously discarded objects."

MayaMam Weavers

Accessories, Embroidery, Fair Trade, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Office, Textiles, Tribal

The MayaMam Weavers live in Cajolá, Guatemala, and use weaving as a source for generating income for their families. They sell accessories and home textiles on Etsy.


Accessories, Garments, Home Decor, Textiles

not PERFECT LINEN is a small family business in Lithuania that offers simple, beautiful and natural garments and home textiles. They sell on Etsy.

Lin Bentley Keeling

Baskets, Hand Woven, Home Decor, Office, Sculptural, Wall Art

Lin Bentley Keeling specializes in coiled basketry using unusual materials. Music drives her designs! She lives in El Paso, Texas.


Bridal, Glass, Jewelry, Metal

Irith Mashiah of Haifa, Israel, is a metalwork jewelry designer inspired by the sea. She uses silver, gold, copper and brass in RioritaJewelry designs, along with semi precious stones, sea glass, Roman glass and ancient coins.

peace4you BAGS

Accessories, Office, Recycled, Textiles

Madoc and Mick Paul do their part to make the world a better place! They source strong materials destined for landfills and transform them into wonderful bags. They live in Germany and sell on Etsy.

Sue Canizares Ceramics

Bridal, Ceramics, Home Decor, Office, Sculptural

Sue Canizares Ceramics embodies a feminine expression of Nature designs achieved through a combination of techniques, including Sgraffito. Her vines, flowers and animals come to life as she carves through colored slip to reveal the clay body beneath it.

Mariann Johansen-Ellis

Home Decor, Office, Textiles, Wall Art

Mariann Johansen-Ellis has an extensive portfolio within the printmaking field. She has three shops on Etsy and now makes her home in Denmark after many years in Spain.


Accessories, Garments, Home Decor, Office, Supplies, Textiles, Wall Art

Based in the hills of Western Massachusetts, Cher Rezendes of CherScapes dyes cloth and creates garments, scarves, fabric, and accessories from it. She authored a book on surface design, so make sure to look for that in her Etsy shop!

Doughty Designs

Art Quilts, Home Decor, Jewelry, Office, Sculptural, Textiles, Wall Art

Eileen Doughty has made art quilts on commission and for exhibit. She also creates thread sculptures, often using teapots and nature as themes. Eileen lives in Virginia, USA.


Hand Woven, Home Decor, Office, Textiles, Wall Art

Lynn of LoomOnTheLake weaves luxurious home accents from top quality materials, normally a mix of cotton and linen. She enjoys complexity in design.

Kris Cravens Pottery

Bridal, Ceramics, Glass, Home Decor, Office

Kris Cravens Pottery translated a background in clothing construction to ceramics. Kris is driven by form and color, also showing in her fused glass work. Kris lives in Brooklyn, Michigan, USA.

Karen L Howard

Home Decor, Metal, Office, Recycled, Sculptural, Wall Art, Wood

Karen L Howard uses wood in her whimsical folk art pieces to tell a story. She works from her studio in Ferndale, California, USA, and has created characters for over 40 years. Her animals and people are delightful!


Accessories, Art Dolls, Bridal, Fair Trade, Furniture, Garments, Home Decor, Office, Recycled, Supplies, Textiles, Vintage, Wall Art, Wood

Jess of Jwrobel has a passion for textiles. She knits, hooks rugs and delights in finding new uses for thrifted finds. Sustainability with style, fair trade, the Primitive aesthetic are all driving forces. Jess collaborates with her husband, Dave, on salvaged furniture pieces and has a baby line of her knitwear.


Art Dolls, Home Decor, Recycled, Textiles

Wassupbrothers offers cute, lovable, ethical toys from the heart of Russia. Olga Zamyatina's owls, deer, and other plush creatures have names and stories that call to the child in each of us.

Affaires Nomades

Home Decor, Office, Recycled, Textiles, Wall Art

Fumika Dubois designs home textiles based on her paintings. Her main focus is on linen pillows, but she also offers placemats and wall art. Fumika lives in Paris, France. Contact her for special commissions.


Bridal, Home Decor, Office, Wood

Bryan Tyler Nelson enjoys finding the beauty that lies hidden within the grains and textures of the wood he transforms into bowls and other objects. Learn more about his techniques and process on his website:


Accessories, Garments, Home Decor, Jewelry, Wall Art

Era Hódi's crocheted garments and hand-dyed silk scarves make great use of color and feminine touches. HeraMade also offers decorative home textiles. Her shop on Etsy is always full of beauty and she is also available for commissions.

Lilygirl Original Wearable Art

Jewelry, Metal

One of a kind Jewelry Art in sterling silver, natural gemstones, freshwater pearls and fossils, all handmade by A. Denise Rollings-Martin. Denise makes her home in Alabama, USA.

Carla Trujillo

Art Dolls, Home Decor, Metal, Office, Recycled, Sculptural, Wall Art, Wood

Carla Trujillo is a mixed media artist who creates assemblages, jewelry and other art objects. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Favorite themes include historical references and religious icons.

Kasia Urban Rybska

Accessories, Art Dolls, Home Decor, Office, Supplies, Textiles

Kasia Urban Rybska enjoys creating contemporary needlepoint designs that have some humor and irony. She is a Polish artist who also teaches needlepoint design.

Atelier Iona Loyola

Accessories, Garments, Textiles

Brazilian artist, Iona Loyola, now lives in New York City where she explores her passion for nuno felting. Her luxurious scarves bring joy and warmth!

Bazaar Bayar

Accessories, Home Decor, Recycled, Supplies, Textiles, Tribal, Vintage, Wall Art

Catherine Salter Bayar and her Turkish husband Abit Bayar, Bazaar Bayar, rescue old carpets and textiles and re-purpose them into new products.

Rayela Art

Accessories, Embroidery, Home Decor, Jewelry, Metal, Recycled, Supplies, Textiles, Tribal, Vintage, Wall Art

Rachel Biel, AKA Rayela Art, recycles dog food bags into purses and pursues a variety of textile art techniques. She also sells vintage finds in her Etsy shop.

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